Workin’ for the Summer: Why to work at a ski resort in the summertime

Summa, summa, summa time….

Yes, it has still been snowing up here at Winter Park Resort, but don’t let the name fool you. We do eventually thaw and turn into Summer Park (well we don’t actually change our name, but you get the idea.) 

And summer time here is just as magical as our snowy winters! Ask anyone who lives and works here year round, winter might be the initial draw, but summer is what keeps you here! So what is it about a ski resort in the summer that makes it such a great place to work? Thought you’d never ask!

1. There is a TON to do
We don’t hibernate around here. We actually have almost more going on here in the summer than the winter! Have you seen the summer calendar, yet? Every weekend the resort or the town is poppin’ with events.

Give us more hours of sunlight and warmer weather, and we bring the event and activity A-Game. Chocolate Festival, Whiskey and Wings, Weekly movie nights, Colorado Freeride Festival. if you’re more of a trees > people type of person, well we have Rocky Mountain National Park as our backyard. Not to mention the miles of trails right in WP. Your off time will not be down time when you work here!

2. And a lot of it is fo FREE

With free live music, free admission to some of the summer festivals, plus a long list of free outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and rock climbing your paycheck will be happy with your decision to live in this active mountain town. There is plenty to do that doesn’t break the bank, so you won’t have to only enjoy activities according to pay-day.

3. See the Slopes Without Snow (plus get addicted to mountain biking)
You see the slopes covered in snow, now come see them come alive with color! You’ll get to know the bike trail map just as well as the ski/snowboard one. And, if you’re already into skiing and/or snowboarding, downhill mountain biking is just waiting for you to try it. Trestle is great for every level of rider, plus employees get a free lesson!

, Workin’ for the Summer: Why to work at a ski resort in the summertime
Photo: Carl Frey
, Workin’ for the Summer: Why to work at a ski resort in the summertime
Photo: Chris Wellhausen

4. Stay Until Next Winter
We know once you get here, we won’t be able to get rid of you- not that we want to. But if you’ve been dreaming of working at a ski resort, this is your in! Why wait until November? You can start living the ski bum life you’ve been waiting for starting in June.

Plus the mud season is like built-in travel time.  So you can plan some out of town adventures before you come back and shred the winter gnar. It’s a win- win[ter] situation.

5. There’s Employee Housing
Cross off finding a place to live from your list of reasons not to make the venture to Winter Park Resort. The units are limited, so get a move on in snagging your summer job with us. You’ll crash in a furnished pad in town. Chances are with everything going on, you won’t spend much time there, but you do have to sleep at some point and maybe have a place to shower.

6. Grow Your Career
Our Summer crew gets the inside scoop on how the resort works and functions. You’ll get some key insight to numerous different departments at the resort which can help you develop your skills and start building a career. We have positions open in Summer Operations, Food & Beverage, Lodging, Lift Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance and many more. Working at Winter Park Resort is more than just some seasonal part-time gig; we give you the tools to start working for long term mountain life! Seriously, we want to keep you around! Apply today!

, Workin’ for the Summer: Why to work at a ski resort in the summertime

7. The people are rad
Our crew comes from everywhere and it’s easy to make friends. You already know you have a similar lifestyle, so why not surround yourself with people who dig mountain vibes. See what jobs are available here.

Winter Park Resort is a stellar place to work year round. Come check it out yourself, and maybe even start those job applications! More details right here.

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