What Type of Ski Parent are You?

Are your kids destined for the Olympics or will you spend the majority of your ski season building snow forts? See which description sounds like you, and then see if your quiz results match.

Everybody parents differently, especially on the slopes! The important part is that you share something special and build memories with your family, and get to do something other than watching talking inanimate objects sing on repeat every night. So do something for yourself this winter and take advantage of our Kids Ski Free Deal, before it’s gone 5/31!

Laissez Faire

, What Type of Ski Parent are You?

You parenting style is chill. You may have even been a ski bum yourself back in the day. You want your kids to do their own thang. Which means, they might be a gnarly lil’ shredder or they might be making snow angels and wanting nothing more than a big hot chocolate. With so much to do at Winter Park Resort, your kids will find something they enjoy, and you probably won’t worry too much about what that ends up being.

Park Parent

, What Type of Ski Parent are You?

You have a terrain park kiddo. You’ve embraced your kid’s adrenaline addiction, invested in really great brain buckets, attempted to keep up with the slang, and invested in a good dental plan. You love seeing your kids excel, even if it means sometimes feeling your stomach drop when they start talking about Dark Territory. I’m guessing they also have a really rad nick name- extra bonus points if you gave them a nickname that just consists of initials.

Perfect Form

, What Type of Ski Parent are You?

You are the perfect form parent! Your kids have been in ski school since before they could walk! They have been competing in races and competitions for as long as you can remember. You enjoy pushing them to be their best because you know that they will rise to the occasion. (Plus when they become pros, they will be ski bums with the most lucrative job they can get). Just remember that the promise of a good snowman build is sometimes the best motivator.

Big Mountain Master

, What Type of Ski Parent are You?

Alrighty Big Mountain Master, your kids are fearless. You get a little nervous watching your kids do runs in the Cirque but it’s also pretty cool that they are following you on the big mountain adventures. You encourage your kids to dream big, and they huck even further!


So what type of ski parent do you think you are? Let us know if you think of another category we missed!

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