Spring, Venture Out

5 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Learn to Ski

Skiing and Snowboarding may be Winter sports, but spring is a great time to put on your boots, lock into your bindings and venture out to the mountains. If you haven’t been skiing or snowboarding before or you want to improve your skills on the hill, there is no better time to book a lesson with Ski + Ride School. Here are our top five reasons to learn to ski or snowboard this spring:

Warmer Weather

We may love Winter in Winter Park, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy when we feel the sun’s rays getting stronger and the days becoming warmer. The increasing temperatures mean you’ll be more comfortable while out on the mountain. As a result, you can focus on building your skills and learning as much as possible from your instructor, rather than being distracted by chilly temperatures. That means you can spend even more time on the snow improving your skills. Plus, you’ll head home with a sweet goggle tan (don’t forget your sunscreen)!

Soft Snow

Powder may be the dream for many skiers, but in reality, it can be slow and difficult to maneuver when learning to ski or snowboard. Fortunately, as spring rolls around, the snow becomes more packed and offers less resistance, making it easier to negotiate for beginners. Furthermore, the warming spring sun softens the snow, making for a much more forgiving surface. Take advantage of the padded conditions to build your confidence and skills on the mountain.

Longer Days

Who doesn’t enjoy the lengthening days as springtime approaches? Not only do the longer days provide welcome sunshine, but they also offer more time for activities! Reward yourself for your learning and progress and make the most of the extra daylight with slopeside apr├Ęs. Soak up remaining sunlight after you finish your springtime lesson and kick back with happy hour drinks and snacks on the patio at Doc’s, Lime, or Vertical in the Village! Be sure to stick around to watch the breathtaking alpenglow along the Continental Divide.

A ski lesson complete with a costume during Spring Bash & Splash

Laid-Back Vibes

With the change in the weather, comes an almost equally-perceptible change in atmosphere. With plenty of powder days under the belt already, the focus shifts from an intense hunger for pow, to having some good clean fun in the sun. Whether its car-side grill-outs, smooth cruisin’ down the slopes, or kicking back with some upbeat tunes, there’s nothing like spring skiing and the A+ vibes it brings.


Not only are spring snow conditions great for learning to ski and snowboard, but we are also offering deals to make the experience even sweeter! Book your trip to Winter Park with the Lift & Lesson Bundle, so you can get your lift ticket for just $69 when booked with your lesson. You can also take advantage of the Ski, Stay, & Save lodging package when you book by Mar. 15.

If you’ve been wanting to learn to ski or would simply like to improve your skills and technique, this spring is a great opportunity to do just that at Winter Park. We offer both kids’ and adults’ group classes, as well as private lessons, so you can find the lesson style that fits your needs. With warming weather, abundant snow, and plenty of entertainment as well, you’ll be glad you decided to strap in and give sliding on snow a go.

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