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$10 Slopeside Snacks

Ski a little, snack a little, repeat. With the season up and running, you’re going to need all the energy you can get on the slopes, and we’ve got just the thing. These $10 snacks will power you up, so you can get back out there for more bumps, jumps, and carves. Conveniently located slopeside, you can either stop by one location for a fast pick-me-up or embark on a culinary tour of the mountain’s small bites.

Mary Jane Market Café

It’s taco time! Take a breather from zipping through moguls, pop into Mary Jane Market Cafe, and dig into a couple of fully-loaded tacos for $4 a piece. Stuffed to the brim with chicken, carnitas, or veggies, you can top these flavorful eats with all the queso, cheese, sour cream, and other toppings your heart desires. Oh, and did we mention Ikon Pass Holders get 15% off food and beverages at the cafe? We’ll save you a seat.

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks

Pass Holder Bonus Round!

While you’re hanging around the Mary Jane Market Cafe, we thought we’d clue you in on another tasty deal. A longtime favorite, the 10 Buck Huck gets you a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee for, well, 10 bucks! Just flash your Ikon or Winter Park pass and get ready to chow down.

Lunch Rock Outpost

If you want a quick bite with a little spice to get you powered up for the afternoon, head over to the Lunch Rock Outpost. New this season, the Lunch Rock Outpost is serving up two taquitos for $5. Eat them on the spot or wrap them up and keep them toasty in your pocket for a little snack on the slopes.

Waffle Cabin

It’s not Winter Park without waffles! Follow your nose to any of four Waffle Cabin locations at the resort for a fluffy, sweet snack like a Belgian waffle with pearl sugar for $6 each. For just $1 extra, you can get semi-sweet dark chocolate drizzled on top.

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks

Doc’s Roadhouse

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Creme Brûlée from Doc’s Roadhouse next to the Gondola. Grab a spoon and crack through a top layer of candied sugar to get to the decadent vanilla custard underneath. Rich and flavorful, you can share with a ski buddy (but we won’t judge you if you want all that creamy goodness for yourself).

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks


Pizza is always a good idea, and at Pepperoni’s, you can be out the door with a slice for $5. You might want to grab a seat and kick back with a Mary Jane Ale, though. This local’s favorite is full of character with murals, chairlift seats, tartan floors, and a wall full of hand-painted Mug Club pint glasses.

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks

Sundance Chili Hut

Baseball isn’t a winter sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stadium-style hot dog while you’re out cruising groomers. Stop by Sundance Chili Hut at the top of the new Wild Spur Express Lift for a $10 hot dog with ketchup, mustard, relish, or however you want to dress it up.

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks


If you’re hanging out on the Winter Park side, ski, ride, or snow bike down to Snoasis for pizza by the slice. Readily available and handheld, there’s nothing quite like a good cheese pull plus robust sauce and toasty crust to warm you back up. Grab a slice of cheese for $8 or add protein like sausage or pepperoni for $9 each. (Psst: If you’re a Pass Holder, you can also get some pretty sweet food and drink discounts like 15% for Ikon and 10% off for Winter Park.)

$5 Snacks, $10 Slopeside Snacks

With a variety of $10 slopeside snacks all over the mountain, you can refuel, save money and get back to the powder in no time.

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