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4 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Winter Park

Hikes are better with friends, especially the four-legged ones! Up here, there are over 1,000 miles of hiking trails with stunning views and lush forests around every turn. While not all of them are dog-friendly (like Rocky Mountain National Park), there are still tons of opportunities to explore the great outdoors with your canine co-pilot. These four trails come with gorgeous scenery for you, plus heavily shaded areas and natural water features for your pup to relax, splash, and play in.

1) Lower Roof of the Rockies

This mellow, 3.6-mile trail starts at the top of the scenic Gondola (pups ride free!) and is a great pick for all skill levels and dog sizes. Start off by strolling through a shaded forest and watching Trestle bikers fly off jumps. Then, continue on to a beautiful open meadow with a stream and views of the Fraser Valley. This is an excellent spot for a quick break and a chance for your dog to get a drink of water and swim.

After the break, you’ll re-enter the shaded forest for a few more miles. If you want a side adventure, take the trail to Fantasy Meadow. This area is covered with wildflowers, some shade, and wide-open spaces, which makes it another spot for relaxation and dog-approved fun. Make sure to stop back at Sunspot for ice cream on your way down!

dog-friendly, 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Winter Park

2) Second Creek

Located on Berthoud Pass, the Second Creek Trail is a gorgeous 5.2-mile route that is considered moderately challenging. Begin the hike with a climb next to the creek underneath a forested canopy. As you emerge from the shade, you’ll be met with jaw-dropping views of the Continental Divide and the surrounding mountains. Traverse along treeline and head toward a backcountry ski hut for a fun side quest. Unfortunately, pups aren’t allowed inside, but there’s a refreshing stream right behind the hut where your dog can hydrate and play.

The area around the hut is a great place to sit and soak in the views. You can also continue to North Cone, the highest point at Winter Park Resort (12,060ft), for 360-degree views.

dog-friendly, 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Winter Park

3) Discovery Challenger Trail

Don’t let the name scare you off! This trail is very lowkey. Located across the street from the resort, this trail is a 1.2-mile loop with shaded sections, water, and picnic areas. During the hike, you’ll see beautiful views of Winter Park Resort and maybe even some wild strawberries, rainbow trout in the water, or a moose (but keep your distance)! Want to go further? Hop on the Jim Creek Trail and head toward Jim Creek Falls. This trail is more difficult than the loop, but trust us, it’s worth it!

dog-friendly, 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Winter Park

4) Fraser River Trail to Hideaway Park Brewery

Dogs, beer, and hiking? Say no more! From the resort base, walk to Old Town Winter Park and start on the Fraser River Trail on Winter Park Drive. This paved trail will take you alongside the rushing Fraser River, and you’ll have plenty of chances to spot wildflowers and wildlife and make new pup friends along the way since it’s a popular route. Folks love to ride their bikes on the trail as well, so be sure to keep an eye out and respect trail etiquette. Stroll a few miles into the town of Winter Park, and then mosey on over to Hideaway Park Brewery to enjoy a crisp brew and patio time with your adventure buddy.

dog-friendly, 4 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Winter Park

Ready, Set, Explore!

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore the Rocky Mountains with your dog. Looking for more recs? Read our other Dog-Friendly Activities blog for some inspo. We’ll see you all out on the trails.

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