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What To Pack For Your Ski Trip

Looking to pack for your upcoming ski trip? Get packing tips straight from one of North America’s Top Ski Resort **hint hint, it’s us!** to make sure you are all ready for vacation!

Pack for your ski trip, What To Pack For Your Ski Trip

Pre-trip Prep

Before you even pull out your suitcase, there are a few things you can do to start prepping for your high-altitude mountain adventure. The most important one being drinking plenty of water.  

Drink Water 

Fight dehydration, which is common when traveling to high altitudes, and start drinking plenty of water before you even leave your house! Then, on your travels, keep sipping, as hydration is key to a great mountain trip.

Get Some Sleep! 

Make sure you get plenty of rest. Try setting a specific “bedtime,” where you’re in bed resting without distractions like your cell phone or your favorite Netflix show.  

Bring Snacks 

At altitude you need extra calories, so pack some healthy snacks for the road or airport. 

Limit Alcohol 

Leading up to your trip, limit your alcohol intake and once you arrive, if you feel any altitude effects, wait before ordering an adult beverage. 

Essential Clothes

If you’re not from a particularly cold and snowy area, the thought of packing the “right” clothes can be daunting. Check out our guide to dressing for the mountains so you can be prepared for whatever adventure you embark upon at Winter Park. Also, try making it fun! If you don’t have any warm-weather clothes, find them at the base!

  • Base Layers 

Leggings, long-johns, and long-sleeved T-shirts will be your best friend during your trip. Remember: Cotton is Rotten!   

  • Socks

When skiing, you want to make sure you have warm, long socks. Pro tip: Doubling up is NOT the answer! Wool socks that fit properly are a safe bet.

  • Mid Layers 

Anything thicker, like sweatshirts and flannels, will help keep you warm and comfy.

  • Snow Gear 

You’ll most likely need ski pants and a ski jacket. Be sure to top off any layers with a waterproof or water-resistant shell jacket, to keep you warm and dry.

  • Street Clothes 

Pair cute jeans with a knit-sweater or long-sleeved flannel and wool socks and you’re good to go!  

Must-Have Accessories

  • Hats 

A beanie is probably the most practical hat you can wear on the mountain, keeping your head warm, and hiding helmet hair.  

  • Gloves/ Mittens 

While you may want thicker, waterproof gloves for skiing, you will also want a slimmer more practical pair to wear when walking around The Village.

  • Neck Gaiter/ Scarf 

A scarf or neck gaiter won’t just be a cute accessory, it will be an outdoor outfit staple in the mountains.  

  • Goggles and Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are perfect for when you’re hanging out at the base, but goggles are a necessity when you’re on the mountain. If you don’t have a pair of goggles, you can find cute, fashionable goggles at West Portal Outfitters, Village Rentals, or the Mountain Adventure Center. 

Ski Gear

This one may seem obvious, but make sure to pack your skis, poles, helmet, snowboard, ski boots and snowboard boots. It’ll be hard to slide down the mountain without any of these! If you don’t have them though, don’t worry. You can always rent equipment from the Winter Park Rental Shop. Helmets are included with rentals, and are highly recommended, so take advantage! If you’re trying to travel light, just plan ahead and reserve gear now.  

Other Necessities


While most of your body will be covered in ski gear and won’t need sunscreen, your face will be exposed to the elements. With the sun reflecting off the snow, you’ll probably score a pretty sick goggle tan. If you don’t want that cute and admirable goggle tan to turn into a painful red mask of shame, just trust us. Wear sunscreen.  

Snow Boots 

Having a pair of waterproof shoes will save your life on the mountain. Packing a sturdy pair of shoes meant for extreme conditions will keep your toes nice and warm, and give you the ability to walk around all day without even noticing the cold! Also aim for shoes with good tread–rubber soles with gripping grooves will keep you on the right track. For a great selection of boots right in the Village, head to The North Face store.


Packing always seems a lot harder when you don’t know what to expect. With this guide, you’ll pack like a pro. The most important thing to remember when packing for a ski trip is to have fun! Don’t stress what you bring. If you forget something, you’re sure to find it at Winter Park. In fact, if you don’t want to bring anything with you, you can just go on a shopping spree and buy everything you need here! We won’t judge. Our friendly and helpful mountain staff will be able to point you in the right direction and help you have a memorable and toasty ski vacation.  

Need help getting the ball rolling on trip planning? Check out our current deals and packages here.

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