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Windy Day To Dos

Sometimes the wind just well…blows.

It can be beautiful and sunny at the base, but just out of sight at the top of the mountain, it can be gusting at 90 miles an hour. As unfortunate it is that Mother Nature doesn’t always seem to have skiers as a priority, even though we keep trying to slip her bribes, some days just aren’t that dreamy. So what do you do when the wind halts the lifts and limits accessible terrain? Here’s our 5 recommendations for dealing with windy day woes:


, Windy Day To Dos

If you’re missing out on speeding down the snow-covered hills, we have an alternative. Hop on the Cabriolet at the top of the Village and head to the Coca-Cola Tubing Hill. Spend an hour on our 4 tracks of fun and then warm up with the BEST hot chocolate in the Fraser Valley right at Hill House. It’s a thrill for all ages, and a must do even if the wind isn’t the driving cause.

, Windy Day To Dos

Ice Skating

Windblown icy conditions are never anyone’s ideal ski day, but icy conditions on the Village Pond are perfect! Sharpen those skates or rent some in the rental shop and work on that triple axel, or just keeping the ankles straight.

Go hide out in the trees and avoid some of the wind while you take a wintery hike. The local trails, like the Jim Creek Trail, offer a quiet escape that allows the whole family to escape into the forest. You can rent snowshoes at the Tour Center in Balcony House. And if you’re looking for a good snowshoe beer pairing, check out our Parsenn Bowl Ambassador’s Guide to see what brewery pairs with a good snowy hike.

, Windy Day To Dos

Take a Snow Cat Tour

Ever wondered who Cranmer is named after? Want to know how many snow guns are on the mountain? Take a spin in a Snow Cat and not only will you get a new view of the mountain, but you’ll learn about the unique history of Winter Park! The guides take groups of 12 up the mountain on a cool trip through Winter Park Territory.

, Windy Day To Dos

Warm Up With a Drink at Mary Jane Ale House

Pull up a bar stool at West Portal’s Mary Jane Ale House. You’ll have great views of the mountain, while nestled with an Irish Coffee, draft brew, or local craft can. One of the newest additions to the Winter Park Resort base offers a good meeting spot for your crew when the wind starts biting.

Winters in Colorado can be a bit tricky, but when you’re in the state’s Top Adventure Town, a little bit of weather can’t stop you from enjoying the day! So whether you’re making the day trip from Denver or had a longing trek to visit us, a little bit of flexibility can still save the day, even when the wind whips.

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