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Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

Four skis are always better than two! If you are looking to ski with a friend, our Winter Park ambassador Carrie Hanneke has passed along her knowledge for just where to take your visitors. From giving your first timer friend the greatest introduction to skiing to challenging the self-proclaimed experts, Winter Park has something for everyone. It is also a great zone if you have a group with multiple skill levels looking to still stay together. Get your squad together, and follow Carrie’s guide:

For The Friend Who Got Inspired By This Year’s Olympics

, Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

“How hard can it be?!”

If you have the exciting job of introducing your friends to skiing, let’s ease them into this new glorious world. Olympic athletes have a way of making it all look so dang effortless, but let’s be real, the first day can be a humbling experience. So let’s make sure your friend keeps that helmet on and has a fun day with their new favorite foods – pizza and french fries.

What Trails: Village Way, Porcupine, Marmot Flats, Parkway

What Lift: The Gemini Express Lift

Why: These trails are great for the rookies because they have enough pitch to get you moving but aren’t so steep to be intimidating! The lift ride is short so they’ll get tons of runs in and make the most of their day learning.

For the Friend Who Skis, Just Not In The Rockies

, Guide to Riding Winter Park with FriendsIf your friends have only explored the mountains of the Midwest, they might think riding one of the quintessential Colorado ski resort’s will just be another day on the mountain. Fortunately, you won’t need to reteach them anything since skiing basics should be the same where they come from. Nevertheless, it’s probably a smart call to take them down some blues, no matter how confident they are to do a Hughes bomb on the first run.

What Trails: Cranmer, White Rabbit, Jabberwocky

What Lift: The Explorer Express Lift and the Olympia Express Lift

Why: Steep enough to allow you for some solid speed and long enough to get those leg muscles built up, these trails are sure to take you from a beginner-intermediate to an intermediate-advanced rider.

For The Friend Who Is Probably Better Than You , Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

Your friends warm up on blacks and don’t leave the quad-burning terrain if they can help it. Don’t think you need to venture to other territories for this; Winter Park has you covered. While you’re working hard to prove your superiority over them, they’ll be feeling it after a day tackling Winter Park’s steepest terrain.

What Trails: Mulligan’s Mile, Norwegian, Brian’s Run, Hughes

What Lift: The Explorer Express Lift

Why: Potentially the most efficient lift on the whole mountain, Explorer gets your where you want to go fast, making it ideal for some hot laps down some of the most challenging trails.

For The Friend Who’s Only Heard About Mary Jane

, Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

Sure, Mary Jane moguls have the reputation and the history, but it’s time to educate your friends on the most underrated bumps on the mountain. Show your friends around the Winter Park mogul runs and you are sure to leave them pleasantly surprised and their legs undeniably tired.

What Trails: Cranmer, Balch, Retta’s Run, Outrigger Trail, Bradley’s Bash

What Lift: The Explorer Express Lift

Why: Varying in steepness, Winter Park moguls are where it’s at for perfecting your bump turns. Leg strength not quite there yet for a full run of moguls? Trails like Cranmer and Bradley’s Bash offer the flexibility to pop out at any time and continue down on an accompanying groomer.

For The Friend Who Wants to Bring the Family Along

Ski trips with the friends shouldn’t stop once the family starts to grow!  The Winter Park is the perfect spot to ditch the kids on their green run and hit a fast black and only to meet them at the bottom. After all, you’re paying for the whole trip, let’s make sure you have a good time too!

What Trails: Jack Kendrick, Ash Cat Terrain Park, Allan Phipps, Over ‘n’ Underwood, Engeldive

What Lift: The Prospector Express Lift

Why: The Prospector Express is a speedy lift that offers a diverse set of trails to keep you exploring. Whether you want a few bumps, groomed blacks, or a meandering green, The Prospector is the lift that comes in clutch.

, Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

For The Friend Who is a Foodie

, Guide to Riding Winter Park with Friends

We’ve all got that friend that thinks about lunch before breakfast has even been served. So when out taking on the Winter Park, it’s best you’re knowledgeable about where to take them for their next meal. You don’t want them spending every lift ride discussing with you all the options. Whether they’re looking for a nice sit-down meal or to chill out with a juicy burger, WPT  is your hostess with the mostess’.

What Restaurants: Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge, Snoasis

What Lift: The Gemini Express Lift, Zephyr Express Lift, Explorer Express Lift

Why: Not a moment of a ski day is to be wasted. Grabbing lunch on the mountain gives you an ever-convenient spot mere seconds from a run or lift and saves precious time walking into the village.

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