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Spring Bash + Splash 101

Splash is in session! Every spring, we like to shed a few layers, get outside, and celebrate all that glorious Colorado sun with four weekends of free live concerts, themed parties, and nonstop action on the mountain. It’s almost impossible to describe the full vibe of Spring Bash + Splash in one blog post, but here are a few FAQs to help you prepare for one of our favorite events of the year.

What Exactly Is a Bash + Splash?

, Spring Bash + Splash 101

Let’s start with the basics. Spring Bash + Splash is one big party that happens across four weekends from late March through April. Every year looks a little bit different, but you can always bet on free concerts, plenty of parties, and all sorts of slopeside games and activities. Not to give too much away, but there’s definitely going to be free Nintendo, snacks, and beach games this year. Just saying.

How Much Is It?

If you only remember one word from this whole post, it should be this one: free. That’s right, everything from live concerts to retro mullet haircuts to giveaways is 100% free. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to up the ante with a few extra dollars. This year, you can receive unlimited samples from Colorado breweries during TheBigWonderful Beer Fest and Bluegrass on March 30 when you purchase a ticket. You can also load up on swag at our retail locations, fuel up with some delicious food, or grab a brew or two to keep the good times going.

Who’s Invited?

, Spring Bash + Splash 101

You. And your grandma. And your best friends. And your dog. And that one guy you talked to at the grocery store last week. And your second cousin’s kids. Okay, so EVERYONE. As long as you’re down to have fun in the sun, you’re in for Spring Bash + Splash, because we have plenty of activities stacked up for all ages and abilities.

Where Is It?

We host almost all of our Spring Bash + Splash events at the Winter Park Base. So, you can take some laps off the Gondola before heading back down Hughes for all the springtime festivities. Check out our full run-of-show for details on activations and locations here.

What’s the dress code?

There isn’t one! (And by that we mean you don’t have to wear specific costumes, ski gear, etc. But please wear warmish clothes of some sort.) These weekends are all about having a blast and being yourself, so feel free to wear your most outrageous, mismatched outfits with pride. Take a look at our full schedule for weekend themes and costume contest deets.

, Spring Bash + Splash 101

Long Story Short …

Show up, be you, have fun. That’s all we ask. Now, let’s make this year the best Bash + Splash yet!

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