New NSAA Bike Park Trail Progression

You might notice some new trail classifications this season. Don’t be alarmed… they’re still the trails you know and love!

The focus of our new trail progression and trail designation with the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) is to have ski resort bike parks working towards more uniform signage for the safety and convenience of our guests. This new rating strategy gives bike parks like Trestle a great way to rate their own unique trail systems. Since each bike park is different, the ratings won’t and shouldn’t be used for comparison between resorts.

The familiar green, blue, blue/black, black, double black, and proline classifications will now go a step further to categorize each trail as technical or freeride. All trails will be broken out into these two classifications and ordered from easiest to most difficult. This new trail progression system is designed to help you better identify which trails are best for your ability level, and which trails will help you progress in specific skill sets.

What do we mean by technical and freeride trails?

, New NSAA Bike Park Trail Progression

Technical trails make use of natural terrain features such as rocks, roots, logs, jumps, drops and other natural characteristics or constructed features that require technical riding skills. Technical trails look largely natural and may be built by hand or machine. They tend to be narrower than freeride trails. These trails are identified with a white jagged line going through the corresponding green, blue, blue/black, black, or double black symbol.

, New NSAA Bike Park Trail Progression

Freeride trails are characterized by enhanced terrain, obstacles, and features that are mostly designed for downhill riding, specifically. Freeride trails typically incorporate jumps, berms, bridges, and drops. These trails are identified using an orange oval along with the corresponding green, blue, blue/black, black, double black, or proline symbol.

Ultimately, this trail progression signage will provide riders with more information and encourage consistency between ski resort bike parks. Look for the trail progression on this season’s trail map, or find it here.



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