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Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

There’s one more month of the season to go (on Park Side, Mary Jane is open into May) and you’ve done everything you’ve wanted to do… besides one thing. That one thing is to hit all 7 distinct terrain zones in one day. Some say it’s an urban legend, some say it can’t be done, and we say BLASPHEMY to that! Put your heart to it, point your skis or board downhill, and let’s get riding.

Before the Lifts Open

To make the most out of the day, and to make sure time won’t be a constraint, get here early and grab a bite to eat at one of the bases. Fueling up the proper way will make this a breeze. Our favorite way to fill up is to snag a hearty breakfast burrito from Mexicali Taco or Coffee & Tea. If you parked on Mary Jane side, Mary Jane Café is the place to go! Pro tip – Pass Holders get a burrito and coffee for only $10.

Territory, Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

Heading Up The Mountain

The time has come. While riding up the gondola, it’s a great time to get those boots tight, helmet buckled, googles cleaned, zippers zipped, and whatever else needs to be done before unloading the lift. After getting off the gondola, begin the walk toward Cranmer, that’s where the day will start.

Winter Park & Railyard

To begin the day, we recommend taking a warm-up lap on Cranmer. This run is a good length to get your legs underneath you and is wide enough to make some bigger turns to practice getting on those edges. Head down toward the Prospector Express, that’s what we’ll take next.  At the top, go to the right, it’s time for a jump or 2 😊. There’s a mellow terrain park called ‘Ash Cat’ next to Jack Kendrick and Butch’s Breezeway. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any rails or jumps, that’s okay! To check it off the list, ski on the side and watch some other folks throw down some sweet tricks.

Head back toward the Prospector Express, that’s the next lift to take.

Territory, Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

Vasquez Ridge

When unloading the Prospector, you’re going to head right again. This time, you have a couple options. You can take Tweedle Dum, a blue-black mogul run that goes underneath the Looking Glass Lift (Local tip – the trees on skiers left are some of the best trees at the resort). Other run options include Tweedle Dee, Mock Turtle, or Tin Horn (a secret shortcut down to the Pioneer Express, your next lift). If you end up taking Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, or Mock Turtle, continue passed the Olympia Express and head down Wagon Train.

When you unload Pioneer Express, you have a few options from here. If you’re warmed up and feeling frisky, we recommend testing out those quads and taking a lap down Gambler or Aces & Eights. Both are runs with bumps, but boy is it worth it! If you’re more of a cruiser and still getting your legs underneath you, no sweat, take a lap down Sundance over to Buckaroo. When you’re on Buckaroo, take a run in the sun down Chuck Wagon, an unknown secret over on Vasquez Ridge.

Both options will take you to Lonesome Whistle as you ski or ride down to your next lift, Olympia Express.

Mary Jane

After unloading from the Olympia Express, it’s your choice from here. Take the iconic blue run, Mary Jane Trail down to the bottom. Or explore some new areas like Drunken Frenchmen, Gandy Dancer, or head to the right and go over to Lower Arrowhead Loop or Rainbow Cut.

These runs are rated black diamond or blue/black. These runs typically have moguls, but also some of the freshest snow around the resort. Watch our ‘tips to ski and ride moguls’ video to refresh your skills! Continue on Mary Jane Trail to the Super Gauge Express and load that lift. 4 out of 7 complete.

Territory, Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

Parsenn Bowl

Hop off the Super Gauge Express and take a slight left. From here, there are a lot of choices! Roundhouse, Columbine, Bluebell, and Edelweiss are all options to get you down to Panoramic Express. In our opinion, there’s not one that’s better or worse than another, so for this lap, you have the choice! At the bottom, get on the Panoramic Express for your fifth terrain zone. At the top, go straight and hike up to North Cone, the highest point at the resort sitting at 12,060 ft (trust us, it’s worth the small hike).

To cross off Parsenn Bowl, head down Parry’s Peek for some unbeatable views of the Continental Divide as you cruise down a mellow blue run back toward the Panoramic Express. If you’re looking for a more difficult run and you want to continue on the challenge to our hardest terrain in the Cirque, take Fireberry Glade or Larkspur for one final lap to make sure you’re feeling comfortable on your skis or board.

Territory, Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

For those who aren’t ready for more difficult terrain, there’s no shame in that, there’s always next year 😉. If your goal is to be able to ski double black diamond terrain one day, we recommend booking a ski and ride lesson to dial those skills and to level up quicker!

The Cirque

After you load the Panoramic Express for the second time, you’re going to want to get off and head straight toward the gate at the top (only if you’re an expert skier or rider)! The Cirque is steep and the only way down is a double black run. If you’re going to continue on the challenge, our favorite runs are down Alphabet Chutes into either Eldorado or Waterfall.

Eagle Wind

The time has come! The 7th and final terrain zone. Get on the Eagle Wind Lift and soak in the view of the Cirque, the run you just went down, and take a photo to show off to your friends, they’ll be impressed. After bragging to your buds, take a second and read about the history of Eagle Wind and the meaning of the trail names, it will make this last run even more meaningful.

When you’re strapping in and getting your boots tight, take a deep breath as you look over the Fraser Valley and prepare to drop in. We recommend going over to Medicine Man, but this is your challenge, enjoy the last lap on any run you choose!

Territory, Guide To Hitting The Entire Mountain In One Day

There we have it, the guide to hitting the entire mountain in one day, plus indulging on some of the best breakfast burritos Colorado has to offer. To end the day, we recommend picking a village restaurant, like Doc’s Roadhouse, and reflecting on your accomplishment. Grab some of their infamous Pot Roast Grilled Cheese, an Upslope Mary Jane Ale, and rest those tired legs of yours, you deserve it!

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