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Blue Runs To Make You A Better Skier Or Rider

There’s a time in all of our skiing or riding careers when we’re ready to level up (greens to blues, blues to harder blues…), and there’s no better time to do so than now! You’ve got this! Not only are you getting an inspirational speech today, but we’re also going to give you run recommendations for progressing your skills on the slopes. Keep reading to find out what blue runs are perfect for working on specific skills and prepping for some more advanced terrain. After fine-tuning your form, you’ll be ready to confidently explore more of the mountain!


Located just off the Olympia Express, this run is great to dial in your turns since there’s typically low traffic. It also offers some outstanding views, Win-Win! This run can be a bit of a doozy, as the slopes are angled down and to the right. Here’s your opportunity to perfect those turns when the turning gets tough! We recommend starting on skier’s left for this one, so that you have plenty of room to follow the natural slope. Keep the core tight and turn with your lower body, not your shoulders. If you start to gain speed, turn up the hill to the left for the fastest way to slow down. Look no further than Jabberwocky to master turning on an angled slope.

Lower Arrowhead Loop

Give Lower Arrowhead Loop some love to avoid ski and ride traffic on Mary Jane Trail. The best and fastest way to access this run is to take the Pony Express. With dips, turns, and razzle-dazzles, the skills to maneuver down this run will increase your confidence to new levels. This run will give you lots of variety in terms of slope steepness, so keep your knees soft to help absorb any changes in slope. If you are ready, try out the spread out trees on the right side for added practice! Pro-tip: look where you want to go, not at the trees.

Bellmar Bowl to Roundhouse

If you’re looking to improve your mogul skills, Bellmar Bowl is a great place to start (an even better place to start is reading our tips to ski & ride moguls blog). Located on top of Mary Jane territory, this short bump run through some trees is a blast and a half. Keep your balance over the middle of your board or skis, and remember to look forward. This run provides a gentle slope for taking it easy, and the views will leave you breathless! After the bumps, the rest of the run is a fun cruiser down toward the Sunnyside & Panoramic Express lifts.


It’s not a complete day at Winter Park unless you take a run in Parsenn Bowl. Take a scenic ride up to over 12,000 feet on the Panoramic Lift, then show off your new and improved skills as you cut underneath the lift line and head into the trees. In the trees, there are alleyways between tree islands, leaving plenty of space for you to make your turns and easily duck in an out of the trees! An important thing to remember when attempting to ski in glades, is to always be prepared to stop on a dime. Practice quick, controlled stops in these alleyways before diving in.

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