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Best Green Runs After Your First Lesson

First of all, congrats! Finishing your first lesson is no small feat, and now you’re on your way to exploring more of the mountain. At Winter Park, we’ve got a great selection of beginner terrain, so you can start showing off those new skills you picked up from Ski + Ride School. Ranging from nice and easy to a bit more adventurous, this list of green runs is designed to help new skiers and riders work on their skills in a comfortable setting. Follow along on our map here.  

Gemini Is the Way To Go

Right off the bat, we like to tell newer folks to use the Gemini Express Lift for gentle slopes and groomed conditions. While the Gondola does have access to a green run, we’d encourage you to save that one for when you’ve had a little more practice. So, grab your gear, head to the Gemini, and soar to the top for plenty of terrain options to choose from.

Nervous about getting on the lift? That’s totally natural, and we’ve all been there before. Feel free to give the lift operators a heads-up and they can help you hop on by slowing the lift down or temporarily pausing it.

, Best Green Runs After Your First Lesson


Short and sweet, this run is a great place to practice form. Take a slight right turn after getting off the Gemini and follow the Endeavor Lift down the mountain on Porcupine. If you feel like mixing things up a bit, Bobcat is also a beginner-friendly run located mid-way off Porcupine.

Bill Wilson’s Way

Keep heading right off the Gemini until you come to the top of the Discovery Lift. Then, you can cruise down the mountain on Bill Wilson’s Way — a classic groomed green that has plenty of space for you to practice controlled stops, turns, and all that good stuff.  

, Best Green Runs After Your First Lesson

Ski Papa

The perfect balance of approachable yet adventurous, Ski Papa is a run for beginners who want to take things up a notch. Take Gemini and then ski or ride all the way over to the top of Discovery. Instead of taking Bill Wilson’s Way, steer to the opposite side of the lift to access the run. 

Jack Kendrick

Looking for something a little longer? Start off on the Gemini and then head right toward Snoasis. Just below there, you’ll have access to the Prospector Express Lift which will take you to a lengthier, curvier green called Jack Kendrick. This run is a fantastic opportunity to test things out with its wide slope and continuing terrain. You’ll also have access to Easy Way about two-thirds of the way down the run. You can either use Easy Way to get back to the base of Prospector or continue back to the base by connecting to Turnpike or Village Way. 

, Best Green Runs After Your First Lesson

Ready to Level Up?

If you’re hungry for more, climb aboard the Gondola for one of our more challenging greens. At the top, follow signs to March Hare. A bit steeper, this run offers the chance to pick up some speed and put those skills into action. While you’re cruising down, be sure to follow the run’s curve onto Village Way. March Hare graduates to a blue run if you continue straight, but don’t worry! There will be plenty of signs that show your turn is coming up. From there, Village Way connects you to all the earlier green runs you explored off Gemini and Prospector.

, Best Green Runs After Your First Lesson


We just wanted to say we’re so excited you’re here! Learning a new hobby requires a lot of patience and enthusiasm, and we’re stoked to be a part of this process with you. If you’re like us and you’re hooked on winter sports, we’d love to see you back at Ski + Ride School for more lessons to get you to the next level. Take a look at our options to find a good fit.

Now, get out there and have fun! 

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