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Adaptive Skiing: On The Mountain With High Fives Foundation

Out on the slopes, we’re certain you’ve witnessed adaptive skiers and riders flying by. Whether in a sit ski, standing up, or on a snowboard, there are so many ways for disabled skiers and riders to get out on the mountain. Adaptive snow sports take many forms—and we’re thankful for the incredible organizations working to provide community, education, and support to those looking to get out and slide on snow. 

One of those is the High Fives Foundation. Since becoming a non-profit in 2009, “High Fives Foundation aims to create a universal shift in adventure sports that expands what is possible for those who have faced life-changing injuries.” In fact, when it comes to skiing, High Fives Foundation holds annual ski camps and events to bring together adaptive skiers and riders at Winter Park and elsewhere. 

High Five Foundation’s 5th annual ski camp, which took place this past January with support from the National Sports Center for the Disabled, brought together adaptive athletes of all experience levels for some memorable time out on the mountain. 

, Adaptive Skiing: On The Mountain With High Fives Foundation

“It was so much fun getting to ski with people of all levels of experience. Getting help from those who have been skiing for longer then being able to pass it along to those just starting out is a great feeling. I had an amazing time at this camp not only building my skills in skiing but also building relationships with other people in the disability community.” 

Cassie Eckroth, High Fives Athlete #416

, Adaptive Skiing: On The Mountain With High Fives Foundation

Come out for High Five Foundation’s Retro Shred-A-Thon! 

Sign up to participate in the 8th Annual High Fives Foundation Retro Shred-A-Thon on April 15! Participate to raise as much money as you can and have fun throwing it back to your favorite decade. Prizes will be awarded for most laps, most money raised, best team, and more. All funds raised go directly to the healing efforts of athletes who have suffered life-changing injuries. 

, Adaptive Skiing: On The Mountain With High Fives Foundation

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