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7 Best Summer Photo Spots In Winter Park

When you’re in Winter Park during the summer, natural beauty is hard to ignore. 360-degree views of majestic mountain peaks, lush wildflower fields, and rivers winding through the Fraser Valley come together to paint a truly magical summer wonderland.  

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for landscape photography or just want to capture summer vibes in one incredible mountain selfie—we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our favorite spots to pull out a camera during your stay in Winter Park: 

Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge 

Take a scenic gondola ride up to the Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge for uninterrupted views of Parry Peak, an iconic mountain in Winter Park. Stop inside Sunspot for a cold beverage or soft serve ice cream while you’re there, or consider taking a hike through some high alpine wildflower meadows for additional photo opportunities! 
Pro Tip: Visiting on a Friday or Saturday? You can also join us for Mountaintop Happy Hour to soak in the live music and summer evening air. 

, 7 Best Summer Photo Spots In Winter Park

High Lonesome Trail 

For photographers who also like to hike (or hikers who love a good group photo!), you can embark on an adventure along the High Lonesome Trail, which offers spectacular views of Winter Park’s surrounding mountains and valleys. This trail rewards hikers and photographers alike with sweeping panoramas and wildflower-filled meadows. 

Corona Lake 

Across the street from Winter Park Resort is Rollins Pass Road, the gateway to Corona Lake. A moderately challenging yet short hike gives way to multiple lake vistas and mountain backdrops. 

, 7 Best Summer Photo Spots In Winter Park

Rocky Mountain National Park 

Who doesn’t love pictures from a National Park? Just a short drive from Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park holds an abundance of photo opportunities.  

Pro Tip: Want all the inside scoops on the best places to find vistas at Rocky Mountain National Park? Let one of our expert guides take you around the park for the day! 

Grand Lake 

Just north of Winter Park is the tranquil beauty of Grand Lake, Colorado’s largest natural lake. With its crystal-clear waters (around 400 feet deep!) reflecting the vibrant summer skies, Grand Lake definitely says “summer in Colorado”. Stick around to witness mesmerizing sunsets, sailboats gliding across the water, and the charming lakeside town of Grand Lake. 

, 7 Best Summer Photo Spots In Winter Park

Vasquez Peak Wilderness 

If you’re seeking solitude and unspoiled nature, the Vasquez Peak Wilderness behind the resort is a must-visit summer stop for both landscape and wildlife photography. Wander through pristine forests, photograph colorful wildflowers in bloom, and capture the breathtaking vistas from the peak. 

Berthoud Pass 

If you’re looking for beautiful vantage points just outside of the Fraser Valley, take a drive along Berthoud Pass. Known for its jaw-dropping vistas, you can capture expansive landscapes dotted with alpine wildflowers, explore the meandering streams, and soak in the views of the surrounding peaks.  

, 7 Best Summer Photo Spots In Winter Park

Now that you have a photo bucket list lined up for your Colorado summer adventure, it’s time to start planning your trip and bring these memories-in-the-making to life! 

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