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5 Ways To Pack Light For Your Ski Trip

Thinking about your vacation to the Rocky Mountains this winter? Packing for a ski trip can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re traveling from out of state. The key is all in striking a balance (and don’t worry, we’re definitely not going to tell you to skip the fuzzy slippers—those are essentials). In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips and tricks to help you pack light for your adventure to come see us in Winter Park. Let’s dive in! 

Pack Versatile Clothing 

First thing’s first– pack items that can serve multiple purposes. For example, a good quality fleece or down jacket can be worn on its own in both mild weather and as a mid-layer when it gets colder. Look for clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits without taking up too much space. Pro Tip: For more on what clothes work well for colder weather in Winter Park, check out our winter packing list! 

, 5 Ways To Pack Light For Your Ski Trip

Rent Your Equipment 

One of the biggest pieces of luggage you might be considering traveling is your gear. Between skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, and your layers—things can add up quickly! If you’re looking to pare down, we’ve got you covered. Renting ski or snowboard equipment at the resort not only makes traveling easier, but when you rent at the resort you’ll be just steps from the Gondola for easy access to the mountain. We’ll also store your gear in the Village overnight for free and are happy to swap out any gear you need in case something stops working so you can get back out on the mountain faster and make the most of your vacation. 

Let Your Gear Come To You 

If you want to level up your rental experience, let Ski Butlers bring your skis straight to your accommodations! That means your entire crew can get fitted and ready for mountain adventures without having to leave the comfort of your slopeside lodging. (Bonus: when your trip is complete, Ski Butlers will also come pick up your gear!) 

Buy Essentials At The Resort 

You’re heading to the mountains, that’s for sure—but at the resort and around the town of Winter Park, we still have plenty of resources for you to pick up basic toiletries if you need them. That means if you’re packing light for your ski trip, you can keep your toiletries to a minimum. Trail’s End Mercantile at the base is the perfect spot to stock up on necessities (and a souvenir or two!) without ever leaving the mountain. 

Download Our App 

We hear you—you want to have all the information you need about the mountain at your fingertips. You might have even gotten excited and bought a book or two in advance of your trip to make sure you know everything you possibly can about skiing or riding at Winter Park. But if you’re packing light for your ski trip, it’s time to set the guidebooks aside. Books add a lot of weight and take up space you’re likely to need. Instead, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need through our pre-arrival emails, Venture Out blog, and Winter Park app. Make sure to download it before you leave—it’s where you’ll find our trail map, track your friends on the mountain, and more! 

, 5 Ways To Pack Light For Your Ski Trip

Now that you’re all set to head to Winter Park this season (with some lighter luggage) it’s time to plan the rest of your trip. Check out our best deals for your ski trip, and we’ll see you on the mountain!

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