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Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

There’s more to a ski vacation than just hitting the slopes. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to ski to enjoy a jam-packed, winter wonderland getaway. To prove it, we’ve put together a full itinerary with activites that don’t include skiing.

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort


Morning: Check in 

After a long drive, you’ll be excited to arrive at your Zephyr Mountain Lodge condo, located slope side and right next to The Village. Check-in and get cozy, this is your new home for the next few days!  

Midday: Explore the Village

Once you get settled, it’s time to explore. The Village is just a short walk from your condo, so go see what all the buzz is about. The alpine swings are perfect for sitting back and taking in the scenery or watching skiers make their way down Lower Hughes. If you get chilly, warm up next to any of the crackling outdoor fireplaces. As you walk through The Village, the colorful storefronts will tempt you with locally-made clothing and trinkets. The smells of each restaurant will waft toward you, making your mouth drool and your tummy rumble. Looks like it’s time for lunch! 

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Afternoon: Lunch at Rippy’s Mountain Tavern

Since you’re already in The Village, stop in and fuel up with gourmet Mac and cheese at Rippy’s Mountain Tavern. If you’re looking for something a little heartier and boozier, try a of juicy, mouthwatering burger and a local brew.

Evening: Snowcat Stargazing Tour 

Once you’ve eaten and warmed up, it’s time for your evening adventure. It is time to explore the mountains you’ve been dreaming about! An evening Snowcat Stargazing tour means even though the sun goes down, your adventures are far from over. Escape into the mountains from the comfort of these all-mountain vehicles.

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

This two-hour tour will take you deep into the Arapahoe National forest as you watch the sunset splash a pink and orange alpenglow over the Continental Divide. As the sun goes down, gaze up at the incredibly-clear night sky, and count the stars in the Milky Way, plus grab dinner at the mountain top venue Sunspot to top off the magical mountain evening. After you head back down the mountain, head to bed to rest before another bust day!  

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort


Morning: Breakfast at Hallowed Grounds

Today is your first full day in Winter Park, and it’s going to be action-packed. Wake up and head over to North America’s #1 XC Resort, Devil’s Thumb Ranch for some cross country skiing. There’s nothing like the bragging rights of visiting the cross country and downhill top resorts in North America.

Before you click in, you’ll want to fuel up. Stop at the Hallowed Grounds Coffee Shop, located at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, for a quick bite. Whether you’re a double nonfat macchiato whip kind of person, or if you just like a plain ol’ coffee, Hallowed Grounds has got you covered.

Midday: Nordic Skiing 

Nordic skiing is a good way to get introduced to snow sports. Strap on a pair of skis and easily glide across the snow, while getting an exhilarating workout. Take it all in and take your time as you slide across the trail and soak in the incredible views of the Continental Divide. 

Evening: Dinner at Heck’s and Watch the Sunset 

After an adventurous day of cross country skiing, you’re sure to work up an appetite. You won’t have to go far to get a delicious 5-star meal. Heck’s Tavern at Devil’s Thumb Ranch serves up a curated menu with fresh chef specialties! Each dish is inspired by fresh, on-ranch produce and livestock, and pairs perfectly with a craft cocktail or wine straight from their private cellar. When they say “treat yo’self,” this is what they must be talking about! After your meal, take a stroll outside and watch the sunset and paint beautiful colors over the Continental Divide. The most picture-perfect way to end the night.


Morning: Breakfast at Goody’s Mountain Creperie 

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the mountains with a day of activities planned. Make your way to The Village and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast. Goody’s Mountain Creperie is a cozy breakfast spot that serves up award-winning crepes, bakery, and breakfast items.   

Midday: Snowmobile Tour Through the Mountains 

After breakfast, you’ll leave the resort and head toward Grand Adventures for your guided snowmobile tour. This tour is the only one in the country that takes you up 12,000 feet on a sled. So dress warm, gear up, and get ready to see views of a lifetime. Your guide will take you along the historic Moffat railroad route to Corona Pass, topping out at nearly 12,000 feet.

Standing 12,000 feet high, you’ll get stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges. It’s a view you’ve only imagined, and it will make for the winning vacation story once you get home. If you’re worried because you’ve never ridden a snowmobile before, relax! This tour is perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders looking to experience a true Colorado adventure.  

Evening: Dinner at Pizza Pedal’r and Hot Tub

After your thrilling snowmobile exploration, stop by Pizza Pedal’r, located in the Winter Park Village, is sure to hit the spot. Start off with warm garlic bread, then move on to a specialty pizza. Each made to order pie or slice is fresh and cheesy, the perfect dinner after a day spent in the snow.

And once you’re full and ready to relax for the evening, head back to your slopeside condo, and head to the hot tub. There is nothing cozier than an evening soak with a gentle snowfall.


Morning: Grab Breakfast at Coffee& Tea Market 

You know adventure is calling, so make your way to the Balcony House and grab a coffee, pastry, and a hot breakfast of your choice at Coffee & Tea Market. If you want to try one of the best burritos on the mountain, Coffee & Tea Market is your place!

Midday: Get a Snowshoe Guide 

With options to rent snowshoes and explore on your own or get a guide to take you on the trails less traveled, stop by the Winter Park Adventure & Supply Co to help select your experience and get your rentals.

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Hiking in the winter is an unrivaled experience, making you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Wind through the trees on snow-packed trails. Admire the beauty of frost-tipped trees standing tall against a gorgeous blue sky. Keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife that may scurry across the trail! Discover the ski area, riding lifts, and forests surrounding Winter Park Resort.

Afternoon: Snowy Picnic  

When you start to get hungry, all you must do is reach into your backpack and pull out the lunch you packed! Hunker down and set up a spot for a gorgeous, snowy picnic. Pro tip – bring a thermos filled with steamy hot cocoa. This will be a nice relief for your frost-kissed face.

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Evening: Hideaway Brewery

After a wintery day spent outdoors, it will be nice to kick back and warm up with a Colorado brew inside a local tavern! If you haven’t been to downtown Winter Park yet, you’re in for a treat. The trees in downtown are sprinkled with soft lights, making it feel like Christmas all year. Once you get to Hideaway, pick from an impressive selection of beer on tap, that’s brewed right in the building!


Morning: Dog Sledding  

You’ve got a busy morning, so grab a quick breakfast near Zephyr Mountain Lodge before making the drive to your next adventure. This morning, you’re going dog sledding! Make your way to Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park for your reservation. Make sure to dress warm and bring goggles. The dogs run fast and you’ll want to stay cozy while enjoying the ride.

Once you arrive, you and your friends and family will cozy up in a sled as expert mushers will take you down private trails with incredible views of Winter Park. Fly through trees and open trails at 20 miles per hour with nothing but the power of beautiful huskies pulling you along. After the ride is over, you’ll have a chance to pet and bond with the dogs who just took you on an unforgettable journey.  

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Midday: Lunch in Winter Park

As you head back to Winter Park for your afternoon activities, make a pit-stop at Wake N’ Bacon for a late brunch or lunch options.  The menu offers omelets, soups, and burgers, with a great selection of options that feature of course BACON. What’s not to love?

Afternoon: Get Your Tube On

Who said sliding down the hill is only for skiers? You can still enjoy the thrilling sensation of zooming down the snow, feel butterflies in your stomach as you quickly drift around a corner, and experience the exhilarating rush of coming to a stop and gazing up at the mountain you just rode down.  

The Coca-Cola Tubing Hill is just a short Cabriolet ride away from the Winter Park Village. Ride over to The Vintage Hotel and walk around the back to the Hill House. Inside Hill House, you can watch as your friends and family race each other on the live stream televisions. Relax and warm up by the fire with some of the best hot cocoa on the mountain.  

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Evening: Scenic Gondola Ride to Sunspot 

There’s no better way to celebrate an adventure than over drinks and a tasty meal. That’s why tonight, you can catch a sunset gondola ride up to Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge. Make a reservation so you can enjoy the ascent to the top of the mountain and gazing out over Winter Park and the Continental Divide as the sunset lights up the town and surrounding mountains with spectacular colors. Once you reach Sunspot, kick back by the fire as you order a cocktail and cheers to a day well spent. Enjoy the music of live, local artists during Mountaintop Après in prep for your special dinner.

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

As the sun sets and you empty your glass, make your way to a table and get ready to feast. It’s almost dinner time, so why not try some Colorado cuisine? The juicy Buffalo Ribeye or the delectable Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout will make you wish you could stay in Colorado forever. After you’re done eating, make your way back to The Gondola for a peaceful ride back down to the base. Don’t forget to look up! You’ll be able to get a clear view of the Milky Way, and maybe wish upon a star for this vacation to never end.  

Winter Wonderland, Winter Park: More Than Just A Ski Resort

Ski vacations make for opportunities to enjoy the mountains and indulge in a cozy getaway. As much as we hope everyone gets a chance to hit the slopes, if skiing isn’t your top reason for venturing out, we hope this itinerary helps you find an activity or two that offers a new way to enjoy your brief escape into the Rockies. For more fun winter activities, check out the top 10 MUST DO’s in Winter Park!

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