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Venture Out: Seeking New & Different

You might envision the act of “seeking new & different” as traveling to faraway lands or doing something you’ve never done before, and while those things might absolutely apply, there’s something to be said for finding new depths in the experiences you know and love, and sharing your passions with the people that are most important in your life.

Cue Whitney and her Winter Park-based family.

Having grown up in Winter Park, a love of skiing has long been in Whitney’s blood. A love that is also shared by her husband and two kids.

“We moved to Colorado to be able to spend time outside, and moved to Winter Park specifically so that we could enjoy all the things that it has to offer, including the resort,” Whitney said.

I grew up skiing and I think it’s something that you can do as a family, you can do individually, you can do with a team, you can do for fun, you can do competitively… it’s just so open ended and it’s something that everyone can enjoy,” she explained.

According to Whitney, it’s “how we reconnect and that’s what we do, and it’s been awesome for our family. “

, Venture Out: Seeking New & Different

Why is skiing as a family so awesome?

“Our kids are getting to the same level as us, and so it’s just something that we can all enjoy. It’s been awesome to watch our kids learn how to ski and grow in their skiing. They feel good at it and they feel accomplished. It’s so much fun to go out, let them rip, and show us what they’re learning on Fridays at the Competition Center. It’s not very often that you get to do stuff like that with your parents,” she said.

“I hope that we’re creating a family and a space that my kids, when they grow up, remember. I want them to have memories of us, and not just working and sitting on our phones, but also getting outside and playing at the mountain.”

Perhaps most importantly, Whitney sees skiing as a family as a way to stay relevant in each other’s lives and stay connected and talk about hopes and dreams in life. Skiing allows them to set aside time to be together, slow down, get outside and get some vitamin D.

, Venture Out: Seeking New & Different

What are Whitney’s pro-tips for skiing with the family?

“Snacks. Snacks are really important. You gotta have snacks when you’re skiing.

Another biggie, according to Whitney, “Making it into something that’s funstopping when they need to and going when they want to go.

, Venture Out: Seeking New & Different

We hope Whitney and her family have inspired you to Venture Out together. We’re firm believers that the family that skis together stays together. We can’t wait to see you all out on the slopes again soon!

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