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Fast Track Your Fun With The Winter Park Express

Did you know Winter Park is the only ski resort in North America accessible by train? The Winter Park Express  Amtrak train runs from the heart of Denver’s Union Station, to Winter Park, just steps away from the slopes. And it isn’t just another form of transportation.

It’s a piece of history; an experience all its own. The Amtrak train started running in 1940, taking eager skiers from Union Station through the 6.2-mile Moffat Tunnel. The Moffat Tunnel is the highest railroad tunnel in the United States and the third longest. And it’s still the most exciting way to get from Denver to the secluded mountains at Winter Park Resort. Want to make the Winter Park Express part of your mountain experience? Here’s how.  

Spend a Night In Denver 

When you touch down in Denver, you’re excited to start your vacation. From DIA, it’s an easy commute to Union Station. Hop on the A-Line which takes you directly from the airport to Union Station. 

As you pull into Union Station, the city is energetic and full of life. You’ll see the mountains along the Western horizon, just waiting for you. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at Mercantile Dining, located right inside Union Station. This restaurant serves up local, seasonally-inspired dishes like tender, Pan Roasted Pork Tenderloin or classics like a healthy bowl of Spaghetti. And for starters..a “to-die-for” Market Provisions charcuterie board.

After dinner, make your way to your hotel. Just a one-minute walk one from Union Station, The Crawford Hotel is an easy 5-star lodging option, and the best way to spend the first night of your winter getaway.  

Morning Train Trip 

The train leaves at 7 am, so grab a quick breakfast at Pigtrain Coffee. Pigtrain whips up any caffeinated concoction you could want. Stick with one of their delicious menu items or engineer your own java drink.

Amtrak Train, Fast Track Your Fun With The Winter Park Express

You’ll have a hot drink in hand before settling into your seat on the train to catch the gorgeous colors of a Colorado sunrise. Kick back in the Lounge Car, you’ll pull out of Union Station as the sun starts to rise, splashing an orange glow over the city. Wave goodbye, because soon your views will be of the snow-covered Continental Divide.  

You watch the scenery start to change from city to mountains through the Lounge Car’s expansive windows. The snack cart rolls around offering you snacks and a beverage of your choice. Is there really any other way to travel? 

Once you exit the Moffat Tunnel, it’s almost like entering a new world. You see the ski slopes of Winter Park Resort come into view, and you can feel the excited butterflies start fluttering in your stomach. 

Enjoy Your Ski Day 

With the lifts just steps from the train platform, you can hop off the train and go straight to skiing. If you brought luggage  booked lodging with us, you won’t even have to worry about your bags! We will take care of them for you. Just board the train on Car 8, grab your skis, and you’re ready to go. 

Amtrak Train, Fast Track Your Fun With The Winter Park Express
Ski Winter Park Territory

With train tickets available as one-ways, you can stay for the night, the week, the winter…however long you want! Once you decide to leave, you can head back down to the Mile High city without any ski traffic. Experience this once-in-a-lifetime Amtrak train trip now until March 31st.

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