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Mountain Vacation Packing Checklist

Before you pull out the trail maps and start planning your vacation excursions, you’re going to want to pack appropriately for high-altitude adventures. Here’s our travel checklist to help make sure you’ll pack all the essentials.

Essential Clothes 

In the mountains, the days can be beautiful, sunny, and warm, but nights and mornings can get chilly. Make sure to pack appropriate clothing for any weather you might encounter on your trip.  

Athletic Gear 

If you plan to do any hiking, you’ll want comfy and durable athletic gear. We recommend moisture-wicking material like polyester and polypropylene.

• Long-sleeve shirts to keep the sun off your arms

• Short-sleeved shirts

• Athletic pants/ shorts  

The North Face has perfect moisture-wicking athletic gear for any outdoor adventure.


When you’re at high altitude, the weather can change quickly. One moment it can be sunny and the next, rainclouds can roll in. Pack a light rain jacket that you can stuff in your backpack and is easily accessible. The North Face has plenty of lightweight, comfortable, and stylish rain jackets to keep you dry on the mountain. When outside in the rain though, make sure to be wary of lightning storms. The US Forest Service has more on what to do if you get caught in a lightning storm.

Down Jacket/ Fleece 

Grab a jacket for when the sun goes down. Pack a warm jacket that you can easily take off and store away.

Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes

If you’re going to be adventuring outside, you’ll need hiking boots. Hiking boots provide more stability so you can easily troop over sticks, rocks, and other mountain obstacles with ease.

Bring a good pair of sturdy hiking boots


Sandals can also come in handy on your mountain adventure. It will feel nice to give your feet a break from the constricting hiking boots you’ll wear on adventures. If they’re waterproof, it’s a bonus becaue you can wear them in the river or in the lake.  


Although we don’t have beaches, the mountains have plenty of water-related activities. Pack a swimsuit for a nice day at the lake, or on the river

Extra Socks 

We’re not saying your feet are smelly…but they might sweat a little more when you’re adventuring all day. Nothing’s better than putting on a fresh pair of socks after a day of outdoor adventuring. We recommend moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet cool and dry.

Dinner Outfit 

Pack a pair of jeans! Mountain towns are casual, but you might still want to freshen up for dinner.  Pair that with a flannel and you’ll be considered “mountain chic.”

Must-Have Accessories 

Baseball Cap/ Hat 

You came to the mountains to enjoy the outdoors and bask in the sunshine! Chances are, you’ll be outside for most of your trip. Pack a hat to keep the sun off your face.  

Hats are the perfect hiking accessory.


Your hat should keep the sun off your face, but sunglasses can help keep the sun out of your eyes. Spending all day outside can be straining on your eyes, so splurge on the Polarized lenses. Find the perfect pair at Smith Optics.


You’ll want to have layers and snacks on your adventures, and a backpack is the best way to store it. Bonus if you find one that holds a water bladder!  

 Re-usable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! Pack a re-usable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste. Plus, it’s easy to refill while you’re out adventuring.

Other Necessities 


Just like any other summer getaway, you’ll want to protect your skin. No one wants to start the trip with a sunburn.  


You’ll be doing a lot of physical activity, so pack some healthy snacks to keep yourself fueled. Snack bars, like Clif Bars, and trail mix are the perfect summit snack. 

Mid-trail snack break.


We all have camera phones with, honestly, really great cameras! But keeping a charge on a long day can be a challenge. Bring a back-up camera to capture all those mountain memories. We suggest something durable and waterproof, like a GoPro.


If you’ve got it, bring it. There’s plenty of hammock-able spots on the mountain. You’ll be wishing you could swing life away all day.  

Relaxing hammock hangs.

Pre-Trip Prep 

Your packing and trip prep starts before you even leave! Check out our pre-trip bonus tips.

Drink Water 

If you haven’t spent much time at high altitude, your body will need that extra dose of H2O. Start hydrating before you leave and bring water with you on all your adventures.

Get Plenty of Rest 

Don’t start your trip off exhausted. Get in bed early and get ready to seize the day!  And it’s easy to wake up and get out early when you stay where you play. Book lodging with us, and you’ll wake up just steps away from adventure.

Check the Weather

Check the weather within a day or two of leaving for your mountain getaway, so you make sure to pack the appropriate clothing. If you forget anything though, don’t sweat it! You can find everything you need in the Winter Park Village.

Looking for more planning tips than just a travel checklist? Check out our itineraries or explore more Winter Park activity options.

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