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First 3 Runs on a Powder Day

As a skier or rider, there’s no better wakeup call than the electric feeling of a powder day. To start our favorite recurring ski holiday, throw on the Winter Park Powder Day playlist and make a strong pot of coffee. Be sure to dress to impress, because if you look good, you shred good! We recommend wearing medium-weight Smartwool ski socks (never double layer) and the freshest NorthFace FUTURELIGHT outer shell.

Anticipation is reaching astronomic levels while walking toward the resort, smile on your face, and as The Joker would say:

the dark knight joker GIF by hero0fwar


Where should you start the most legendary powder day? Take the trail less traveled and start your day on Winter Park side. Get off at the top of The Gondola and begin the day heading down March Hare. Cut left to White Rabbit and make your way to Olympia Express.

Jabberwocky or Cheshire Cat

The warm-up turns felt great, you’re looking great, and some more challenging runs are calling your name. From here, take either Jabberwocky or Cheshire Cat to get some untouched freshies! Jabberwocky is a blue run and the left side will be nice and soft for those who are new to powder. For more of a test, try Cheshire Cat. Cheshire Cat is a blue-black and both the right or left side will be great for some of those powder turns. After experiencing the surfy snow, bypass the Olympia and Looking Glass and keep heading down toward the Pioneer Express on Wagon Train.

powder, First 3 Runs on a Powder Day
Getting some soft powder turns!

Quickdraw or Wild Spur Express Trail (lift line)

After getting off at the top of Wild Spur, for those who want to practice more turns on the soft snow, head down to Quickdraw via Sundance. Make sure you head right when it forks so you don’t stay on Sundance, the right side of Quickdraw will be the freshest.

Those looking to try some deep and steep turns, head down the lift line on Pioneer Express Trail. Don’t forget your snorkel if you stay to the left, it will be DEEP.  

Finding the good stuff? Keep lapping the Pioneer and enjoy those soft turns on Vasquez! If you want to keep powder hunting and see what the hype is all about on Mary Jane, get back on the Pioneer.

powder, First 3 Runs on a Powder Day
Powder slashing through Vasquez Territory

Lonesome Whistle or Gambler

To rest your legs for Mary Jane, head down Gunbarrel and take a sharp left to drop into Lonesome Whistle. Filled with banked turns and gorgeous glades, this run offers an abundance of fun for being a breather.

No runs off on a pow day? Take a gamble on Gambler. This bumpy black will offer deep snow all the way down!

powder, First 3 Runs on a Powder Day
Blue bird powder day

After a morning filled with endless laughing, smiling, and hollering, the stomach begins to rumble. Hop back on the Olympia for one more pre-lunch run down the iconic Mary Jane trail. The base of Mary Jane offers pizza and infamous Bloody Mary’s at Club Car. No breaks on powder day? Get on the Super Gauge Express and order food online to try our new grab-n-go options at Lunch Rock. The menu consists of margherita or pepperoni strombolinis, sandwiches, and even to-go drinks!

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