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Elevate your Performance: Your Guide to Training at Altitude

Elevate your performance with a weekend spent working out in Winter Park. Use the 9,100 feet of altitude to your advantage with a hike, bike, or run on one of the many trails near Winter Park Resort.

Whether you’re after increased endurance, an edge over your competition, or just love gaining elevation, training at altitude has been proven to be a highly effective way of maximizing one’s athletic abilities. Check out our suggestions below for this summer’s training regimen.


Second Creek/Broome Hut

altitude, Elevate your Performance: Your Guide to Training at Altitude

Earn magnificent 360-degree views with this demanding hike while experiencing the beauty of high-alpine wildflowers. Covering 9 miles, this round trip hike tops out at 11,200 feet, and offers extraordinary views of the Continental Divide and Fraser Valley.

Take The Gondola to the top of Sunspot before hiking your way to Lunch Rock via the access road. Once at Lunch Rock, pick up the Mount Nystrom Trail before intersecting the Second Creek trail, which will take you to the Broome Hut.

Lower to Upper Roof of the Rockies via Ute trail

Hike into the high country with this challenging trek. A 3.4 mile loop, this hike grants classic Colorado views from an 11,000 foot vantage point. For a real workout, skip The Gondola ride and hike up via the Ute Trail. Beginning at the base of The Gondola, this trail climbs 2 miles and 1600 feet before ending at Sunspot.

Hike up to Sunspot Lodge via the Ute Trail beneath The Gondola. Once at Sunspot, follow the Lower Roof trail until it splits, go left.


Trail Ridge Road

Ride America’s highest-elevated continuously paved road for a true test of endurance. Stretching 48 miles and topping out at over 12,100 feet, Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is a must conquer for any serious cyclist looking for a memorable challenge.

The less-busy entrance to RMNP is located just outside of Grand Lake so start your ride from there to minimize your exposure to traffic.

Berthoud Pass

Embrace the burn when you tackle this monumental climb. Riding a pass is a must-do when cycling in Colorado and Berthoud is one of the classics. The out-and-back route from Winter Park Resort is just over 21 miles, with an impressive ascent of over a half mile to reach the 11,330 foot summit of the pass.

As every good ride should end with delicious food readily available, we suggest booking a room at Winter Park Resort to have outrageously good food and a comfy bed awaiting your return. Pro tip: Tacos and margaritas from Lime always hit the spot!


Ute Trail

Point your trail runners uphill and take on the 2 mile Ute Trail for a real leg workout. The trail begins at the base of The Gondola and ends up top at Sunspot Lodge, with switchbacks taking you through the varied terrain of Winter Park Resort while rising 1600 feet.

Use the Ute Trail as your warm up before taking on your next Winter Park adventure, or reward yourself with some ice cream or a beer paired with expansive views from the deck of Sunspot Lodge – sometimes you’ve gotta treat yourself!

Fraser River Trail

Enjoy the scenery as you make your way from Winter Park to Fraser. This 25.6 mile out-and-back run follows the Fraser River through thick forest and provides a slight incline for ideal endurance training.  Run the length of the trail or pick a segment for your training program – the choice is all yours.

Start at the resort base, take Winter Park Drive and turn left at Old Town. Turn right after Adolf’s, cross the bridge, and the trail is on the left.

Races/ Events:

Register for a high-altitude event to put your training to the test! No matter your skill or experience level there’s a race out there for everyone looking to explore some competition in the Rockies. Compete solo or bring your entire team for a weekend of action in the mountains – we’ll see you at the finish line!

Summer is just around the corner so start making your high-elevation training plans now! No matter if you bike, hike, or run, make Winter Park Resort your high-altitude, mountain training headquarters this season.  

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