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A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Young or old, the mountains have something for everyone. No matter who in the family is joining you for summer adventures, there is something for all to do in this mountain vacation destination. Find thrills for lil’ rippers, tweeners and teens, 20 somethings, parents, and the retirees who are young at heart.

The up for anything little adventurer

Often times the toughest to please, traveling with your little explorer can sometimes be a difficult task. Fear no more! Once their eyes find the fun-filled activities around the mountain they’ll be wrapped up in a world of fun and excitement that may be difficult to get them away from!

For the lil’ monkey who loves to climb everything in sight, you’ll be able to watch them scale safely as they take on the low ropes course at the base of Winter Park. Additionally, The outdoor rock wall is also a perfect summer-time attraction for those kids with endless energy that just need to let it out.

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

For the family looking to experience the mountains together, take a guided hike from Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge to the tranquil mountaintop oasis of Fantasy Meadows. Lush with wildflowers and high-alpine charm, this easy hike is the perfect way to get the whole crew out for some together time.

The tween or teen who is too cool for school

When kids hit 7th grade, they come down with a serious case of the “Everything is BORING!” disease. Symptoms include: moodiness, complaining about there being nothing to do, aggravated parents.

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Fear not! We have a cure. Here’s a recipe we concocted to help get rid of your kids’ symptoms, at least for a little bit during your mountain vacation:

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

After an adrenaline-pumping morning testing the Trestle Green Horn It! Trail and then speeding down the mountain on Colorado’s longest Alpine Slide, your tweens or teens are going to have the taste for real outdoor adventure. Cure the craving with a hike or ropes course session and watch what happens to their mood – we promise it’ll be positive!

Warning: After all this fun they may actually want to spend the rest of the vacation with you!

The 20 somethings checking off items on their bucket list

Alrighty wanderlusters and thrill seekers, we know you moved to Colorado to put more mountain excitement in your life. Just over Berthoud Pass, you’ll find the perfect getaway weekend to escape the Denver heat and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Start your mountain adventure off right with a guided tour on an e-bike. Traversing across the awe-inspiring mountains of Winter Park, this guided tour is an incredible way to experience the mountains in an exciting new way. Beginning at Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge and ending up at Lunch Rock, the views, opportunities for wildlife spotting, and thrills of riding an electric bike make this an ideal mountain adventure.

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Take your mountain vacation to new heights! Few things are as classic as a high alpine Colorado hike and, with the guided hike to the Cirque, you and yours will be able to experience beauty in one of the most rugged and spectacular parts of the mountain. A hike that departs from Sunspot Lodge, this trek epitomizes what it means to venture out and take on a new challenge. The rewards for your work are unparalleled, with breathtaking views of the Colorado high country and 360 degree views of the world below. Hike back to enjoy a well-deserved beer out on the Sunspot deck while the warm summer sun begins to set.

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Every weekend in the summer is buzzing with activity, but the weekend of Fourth of July, Winter Park Resort hosts Village Uncorked. A day to drink wine in the mountains – we promise after attending this event, you’ll realize why it’s on our favorite list!

And while you’re in the area, grab your friends and book a rafting trip! This is a must-do summer activity for your whole crew!

The Parents

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Alright kids, if you’re looking for a way to convince your parents Winter Park Resort is the place to go for their vacation this year, this is the paragraph to copy and paste. Now, if the appeal of exhausting your little ones, engaging with your teens, and convincing your adult kids to join you hasn’t already convinced you, here are some things we know you’ll love.

  1. Live Music: From free shows in the Village to weekly concerts in town, live music abounds in the valley.
  2. Summit to Base Tour: Get on the saddle and tour your way down to the base from the summit while learning about the resort from a Winter Park guide.
  3. Sunset Yoga: Stretch out as the sun sinks when you join us for yoga up at Sunspot. With a glass of wine included, and a sunset ride in The Gondola to get down, this is the perfect end to any day.

The Grandparents

Few things can capture the beauty of the mountains like the views obtained while riding The Gondola. A scenic ride from the base up to Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge provides every perspective needed to grasp the true beauty of this remarkable place. Once at the top, enjoy a delicious meal in the magnificent dining room or enjoy the fresh mountain air with lunch out on the deck.

mountain vacation, A Mountain Vacation to Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Grandparents can also tag along after the grandbabies of all ages on the putting course to make memories over a little friendly family competition. A perfect way to spend time together, the putting course at the base is sure to be a memory maker for every age and level of putter.

A favorite for folks of any age, live music in the mountains combines all of our favorite things: relaxing, friends, the outdoors, and good vibes! For a live music show perfect for the entire family, young and old, explore the weekly shows happening in town during High-Note Thursdays in Hideaway Park.

No matter your age, skills, or activity level, there is something for you when you take a mountain vacation to Winter Park Resort. But don’t just take our word for it. Give us a visit and see for yourself!

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