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Winter Park Resort for All Ages

Age is just a number, just a state of mind. At least, that’s what the catchy calligraphed signs on Pinterest tell me.

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That being said, summers at Winter Park Resort really do offer fun for the old souls, young at heart, and everyone in between.  So no matter who in the family is joining you for summer adventures, there is something to do in this mountain vacation destination. Find thrills for lil’ rippers, tweeners and teens, 20 somethings, parents, and the retirees who are young at heart.

The up for anything little adventurer

Maybe your littlest munchkin isn’t always 100% adventure queen (or king) but we have activities for all level of tiny daredevils. For kids just starting to venture out of the stroller, we have the Inflatable Slide, which the Pro-Parents know is great for draining them of their seemingly never ending energy. Then follow that with a little mineral panning that let’s them bring home their own little gems and maybe sets them up for a prosperous career (get it?).

7 Dwarfes mining for gems
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And if you have an adventurer really looking to push their boundaries, why not give the climbing wall a try? Who knew your kiddos could achieve such great heights on summer vacation? Giving little adventurers the chance to use those monkey skills is fun for them, and a proud moment for parental spectators.


The tween or teen who is too cool for school

When kids hit 7th grade, they come down with a serious case of the “Everything is BORING!” disease. Symptoms include: moodiness, complaining about there being nothing to do,  aggravated parents.

Fear not! We have a cure. Here’s a recipe we concocted to help get rid of your kids’ symptoms, at least for a little bit this summer:

1 Pre-Booked Intro to Trestle Pass

1 Ride on the Alpine Slide

1 Pinch of something sweet from Treeline Treats

1 Post-Sunset Movie Night

After an adrenaline-pumping morning testing the Trestle Green Horn It! Trail (see video preview below)  and then speeding down the mountain on Colorado’s longest Alpine Slide, your tweens or teens are going to need a little sugar boost in the afternoon. Then, stick around the base for a family movie night.

Warning: They may actually want to spend the rest of the vacation with you!

The 20 somethings checking off items on their bucket list

Alrighty  wanderlusters and thrill seekers we know you moved to Colorado to put more adventure in your life. Just over Berthoud Pass, you’ll find the perfect getaway weekend to escape the Denver heat and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Hiking the Ute Trail at Winter Park Resort

While you’re in the area, grab your friends and book a rafting trip!  This is a must-do summer activity for your whole crew! Or why not spend time with you S/O and book a horseback riding tour.  A couple of hours exploring the woods on horseback sounds like something out of a Disney movie. AmIright?!?


Wanna guide your own woodsy journey? Check out the Ute Trail at the resort or some of our hiking trails in the Winter Park area. You’ll have your pick of a morning adventure or a full day trip.

Wherever you find yourself, we know the BEST finale to a day of exploring is lunch or dinner on one of our many outdoor patios. A good ol’ Colorado adventure should always end in craft brews in the sunshine. And no worries about trying to fit ALL of this into one day of fun, book a night at WPR for %15 off and make your trip a full weekend of mountain adventure.

The Parents

Alright kids, if you’re looking for a way to convince your parents Winter Park Resort is the place to go for their vacation this year, this is the paragraph to copy and paste. If the appeal of exhausting your little ones, engaging with your teens, and convincing your adult kids to join you hasn’t already convinced you, here are some things we know you’ll love.

  1. The Alpine Slide: It isn’t just for little kids! It’s for big kids too!
  2. The Putting Course: Work on your game and entertain the kids
  3. Free Evening Events: Settle down the kids and unwind with live music or campfire singalongs
  4. An Adult Beverage: Nothing says Relaxing like a Patron Perfect Margarita at Doc’s or a trip planned around Village Uncorked


We’re corked! Thanks to everyone who joined #VillageUncorked this year. #winterparkresort #findyournext

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The Grandparents

Remember we talked about those young at heart folks? Well, we have fun for them, too!

They can tag along after the grandbabies of all ages in the human maze as they race against the clock to find checkpoints and make memories. Then, hop on the scenic chairlift to enjoy the beauty of the valley, and grandma and grandpa can spend some quality time with the kids on their ride up and down.

Scenice summer chair lift at Winter Park Resort

And if you’re up for more of an adventure, why not take two wheels down the mountain? And no, we aren’t talking about down hilling. We have created a Trestle Tour that allows for a gentle descent down the mountain while you enjoy the views and observe some of the Trestle. Book your Summit to Base Tour now! 


No matter your age, skills, or activity level, there is something for you at Winter Park Resort. But don’t just take our word for it. Give us a visit and see for yourself!

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