Same Winter Park, New Bucket List

WE ARE OPEN! And better yet, we’re kicking the season off by opening more terrain this year than we have in the last five years! It’s time to check things off your Winter Park bucket list. Here’s what you can ski starting today:

Bill Wilson’s WayBucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List

Larry Sales
Marmot Flats

Parkway (Practice Hill)
Parkway (Upper)
Sorensen Park
Village Way – Parkway Bypass


We can’t contain our excitement for the 2018/19 season ahead, so here are the top 5 ways you can visit the same Winter Park you know and love this season, with a fresh perspective!

     1. Same Trails, New Shred-ability

You’ve been riding Winter Park for years. You know the Seven Territories by heart. You can name every bump, every tree, and every pow stash on the mountain. Well…that was before this season. This year, we have the same trails you’ve fallen in love with, but we’ve made them even more shred-able (yes, it’s possible!).

Bucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List

Although we’ll ride any snow we can get early season, you won’t have to wait for Mother Nature to hit the hill hard this year. (Although a week before opening and Colorado’s state snowpack level is 150% above average. Keep it coming, Colorado!)

Now, you can take early season runs that feel like mid-season pow days thanks to our new snow machines. Our snow makers are pumping out that white fluffy stuff, so you can enjoy early season even more! Plus, now is the perfect time to take a friend who’s never skied before! You can show your friends the ropes, take them around the mountain with a guided tour, or encourage them to take a lesson with Winter Park Ski & Ride School so they’ll be ready to go when the real snowstorms hit. If your friend has never skied before, we want to help you get them on the mountain! Sign them up for an early season first-timer lesson and save the big bucks, so you can spend more money on après.

Speaking of powder days, we know how much you love tree skiing after a fluffy snowstorm. When you think of Winter Park and tree skiing, we know your mind goes straight to Eagle Wind Territory. Eagle Wind is known for its pristine powder, side-country terrain, and tree and glade skiing. But you already knew that. If tree skiing is your thing, you’ll get even more of it this year thanks to new glading in the Eagle Wind Territory. Now you and your friends can find new adventures in trees you’ve never been able to explore, while still hitting all of your favorite classic Eagle Wind trails.

Bucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List
Eagle Wind Territory tree skiing
     2. Same Village Plaza, New Experiences

If you’re like us, you know the best way to unwind at the end of a ski day is hanging out in the Village. That’s why we gave the Village an upgrade for this ski season.

Bucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List

After a challenging day on the slopes, unwind and stretch your muscles every Friday at our SNOWga classes. Our certified instructors will lead you through a yoga journey built for skiers and snowboarders like you! Plus, SNOwga is a great way to make new friends.

Bucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List

Speaking of friends, the new, giant fire pit is big enough for you and your crew, plus all of the friends you haven’t met yet. Cozy up to your favorite person with the glow of the fire on your face, while gently rocking back and forth on the Timberline chair lift swing. Or, spark up a conversation with a fellow skier over a beer. Either way, build those relationships in one of the happiest places in Colorado.

     3. Same Mountain, New Adventures

We all have a favorite Territory at Winter Park. Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about that territory. Well, we’re here to tell you there’s always new lines, new bumps, and new trees to find. Fortunately, instead of being the Magellan of your group this ski season, you can explore the mountain you love with a true Winter Park expert.

Grab your friends and head out on a guided skiing and riding tour. Suit up, because we’re taking you on a tour that can last up to 6 whole hours! The best news is that you get to pick where you want to go, and who you want to go with. Part of our guide experience means you can hand-select your guide. Want a steep, alpine adventure? How about a family-fun cruiser experience? Our Guide app lets you pick the perfect person for the job. You’ll be the group superhero, without having to do any of the hard work. Just enjoy the ride.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, if you’re going through all of the effort of booking a guided mountain tour, we’ll make sure you don’t have to wait in those pesky lift lines. Not only does each tour give you an expert eye of Winter Park, but you also get special VIP lift access, so you can enjoy lap after lap.

4. Same Spots, New Views

Riding to the top of Sunspot Mountaintop Lodge for a beer and a bite is a rite of passage for any Winter Park skier. If you’ve skied with us before, you know breathing that crisp mountain air with 360 degree views of the Continental Divide is an unparalleled experience. This year, we have a new way for you to enjoy après.

Bucket List, Same Winter Park, New Bucket List
Sunset at Sunspot

Once you’re done skiing the slopes, grab your friends and take a ride in our cozy new 10-person gondola (opening mid-December) up to Sunspot for the most majestic après you’ve ever seen.  Recap the day’s events with a cold beer in your hand while warming your toes by the fire. If all of this sounds like the perfect night, you’re probably going to want to stay for dinner. Make your reservation beforehand to secure a spot at the most sought-after place on the mountain. Once the sun goes down, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Milky Way. Now that’s what we call dinner with a view! This new spin on the iconic Sunspot experience will give you all the feels. We promise.

For an even more memorable sunset après adventure, mark your calendar for the Mountaintop Music Series! Swap ski stories and gush over the alpenglow over the Continental Divide, all while enjoying the sounds of music from your favorite local artists. You won’t want to miss our season opener featuring Trout Steak Revival on December 30th!  

     5. Same Winter Park, New Feel

When Winter Park Resort opened on January 28th, 1940, its founders imagined a place where people near and far could enjoy the snow and the all the fun the mountain has to offer. 79 years later, we’re staying true to those roots. New lifts, trails, and experiences continue to shape Winter Park, and while things might look a little different here or there, Winter Park is still the laid-back, adventurous old friend you know and love!

This year at Winter Park, we are continuing our history of making your ski experience the best it can be. Help us out and leave us a review on TripAdvisor!

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