Venture Out, Winter

What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

If you’re a frequent Winter Park skier or rider, you’re bound to have strong feelings about your favorite area of the mountain (and with 3,000 acres, there’s a lot of ground to cover). Keep scrolling to see if we know you better than you might think.

Not sure what territory you’d choose? Take the quiz to see what territory you are!

Mary Jane

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

Ahh yes, hardcore, huh? You tend to be particular about snow conditions, but are incredibly passionate about hitting the slopes and like to tackle the tough terrain and tell your friends about it over a beer. In fact, you might spend more time swapping stories than actually skiing, but it’s all part of the fun! Keep finding those natural hits and zippering bumps!

Parsenn Bowl

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

Your most uttered words on the mountain are “is the pano open?” You came for the views (and the powder stashes, too). You’re determined and have an all-or-nothin’ mentality. You wanna feel on top of the world and maybe even just take a moment to appreciate the snow-covered peaks all around you. You can’t beat a bluebird day at 12,000 feet. The world truly is your oyster.

Winter Park

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

You want it all. Easy cruising, challenging bumps, and sneaky powder stashes. Plus, you have easy access to other territories like Mary Jane, Terrain Parks, Vasquez Ridge, and even the Village at the base. You enjoy all the extras, like slopeside waffles, tubing, and wandering beneath twinkling lights while taking in the mountain charm.

Terrain Park

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

Not only do you have a wild-side, but you also are creative, playful, and driven. There’s nothing like nailing a new trick to boost your confidence and keep you striving for the next triumph. Your determination and fearlessness are truly admirable.

Eagle Wind

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

Adventurous but Low-key, you make the trek to this remote territory to challenge yourself and get some alone time—just you and the snowy woods. You’re a pro at powering through deep turns and working up a sweat no matter what the temperature gauge may say.

Vasquez Ridge

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

You’re a solitude-seeker who wants to get away from the crowds and go for a casual cruise. The rush of wind and wide-open spaces leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, but also exhilarated. You follow your own compass and enjoy riding without the pressure of pushing the limits of space and time.

The Cirque

, What Your Favorite Territory Says About You

You’re adventurous and confident, but willing to work for it. You pick your lines for the big sends and deep turns. You understand that going for glory takes time and commitment, and that’s exactly what you came to do.

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