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Snow Report February 12

Alrighty, February!

We’re less than two weeks in and already have banked 9 days of snow.  And that includes nearly two feet of snow in the last week! It doesn’t look like it is slowing down. We could get another 5 inches by Tuesday night, and then another storm system moves in this Thursday!

If you got out this week, you’d probably agree it was some of the best skiing of the year! With a 59 inch base, we’re still holding at the deepest in Colorado.


Mountain-wide the snow is soft and F U N.

With a 59 inch base we are right at the magic number (60) that is recommended for exploring the trees! We’re looking at a few more inches of snow today to refresh the weekend, and then we could get another 11 inches before Friday!

Where to Ride:

Really good reports coming back from Wildwood Glade on the Jane side—really nice wide-open south-facing glory, or enjoy the super-soft conditions in Parsenn Bowl.

With our current base depth, Ski Patrol supports some tree. Hike to the top of the Iron Horse and ski Pine Cliffs to Riflesight Trees— it’s a classic.

If you have not explored Belle Fourche, should be a lot of good stashes back there. Also Vasquez Ridge trees are holding lots of secret powder stashes. Really, it’s a great time to get out and explore!

And for those of you corduroy lovers: Cranmer and Hughes are prime right now.

Terrain Updates:

Look for directive skiing in the Cirque this week, weather permitting. Snow-mitigation continues, but once it is open, the powder conditions are looking to be excellent.

The Mary Jane Chutes, Black Coal and Left Hand are all benched, but are trying to get back in the game ASAP. Patrol will open these as our conditions permit.

Event Updates:

We have our weekly events, including Live Music scheduled throughout the week. As well as Disco Skate Night on Saturday, so if you’re paying us a visit.


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