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Snow Report April 11

It’s the second week of April, the middle of Spring, and nearing the end of the ski season… and Mother Nature releases 2.5 feet onto the mountain?!? Oh, Colorado, how you baffle us sometimes. But your unpredictability is our gain, because most of us have been taking advantage of your late snow showers and cruising all up and down the mountain before the dreaded six-month hiatus. 


You gotta get up here! It feels weird to say, but we have some of the best conditions OF THE YEAR right now. In fact, the 33.5 inches over the last 7 days marks one of our largest and longest snowfalls of the season.

Not to mention that we just have 3 weeks left to rip (yes, we’re absolutely counting that extra week on the Jane side). So strap on those skis or that board, and hit your favorite spots. They deserve a few goodbye laps until they see you next year.

Where to Ride:

Hmmm… where to ride, where to ride? This time of year is about having FUN on the mountain. Well, I guess every time of year is about that. But when the weather is nice, the riding is easy. So channel your inner Shane McKonkey, stop taking yourself or the mountain too seriously, and try something new!

After all the snowfall, Ski Patrol knows where the powder is. They recommend the B, C, D Chutes of the Cirque, Thunderbird and Little Raven in Eagle Wind, and the shady slopes of the Panoramic Bowl such as Forever Eva and Johnstone Junction.

And as spring temperatures approach, seek out classic Jane moguls like Boiler, Needles Eye, and Trestle. If you’re looking for a groomer, Jabberwocky, Sleeper, and Roundhouse have been consistently good no matter which day!

Event Updates:

It’s all about the tropical drinks, the Hawaiian shirts, the colorful lounge chairs, and the beachy tans this weekend. Winter Park Resort gives a whole new meaning to “beach party”, by hosting one at 10,700 feet on the side of a snowy mountain. But don’t be too thrown off – this Sunspot Beach Party will have everything your typical spring-break style party does, including sunshine and a good view! While tanning in your folding chair, you can catch another exciting part of this event – The High Duel – where local terrain park competitors and stars battle each other on a unique freestyle course.

Check the video for an update on everything that’s going down before the end of the season:

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