Snow-Crossed Lovers: The Tale of a Snowboarder and a Skier

In fair Winter Park, where we lay our scene.
Two snow sports both alike in dignity.

Okay, iambic pentameter is a lot harder than it seems—so that’s all we got. But, any of you literature lovers, or anyone who passed the 8th grade (or just watched WishBone) probably have an inkling of where this is going.

The tale of two Italian star-crossed lovers is one that many of our riders can relate to—the tale of love between a snowboarder and a skier. Both dignified snow sports, and yet still a rivalry exists! If your heart belongs to an opposing rider, you are in good company. We understand the benefits of having your better half cruising on a different setup!

Someone can always give you an extra push
Getting stuck on flats is the bane of a snowboarder’s existence. With a skier honey, you’ll have someone to either offer a pole or give you a good push. Teamwork makes the dream work! Or you could just book a guide and get to know the mountain from an expert.

Always have a new perspective
If you spend a significant amount of time riding with your S/O you’ll realize that taking a backseat and letting them take lead on the mountain can be pretty cool. Watching them do their thing can help you learn more about your sport and your style. Make sure your partner in crime is well outfitted to make sure you have a great view from way back there.

, Snow-Crossed Lovers: The Tale of a Snowboarder and a Skier

You have a teacher if you want to learn a new sport 
Want to spend a day learning something new? If your person rides the mountain differently, you have an instant teacher ready and waiting. If they are passionate about their sport, they will love getting to spend a day teaching you, and vice versa. *Bonus if they are similar in height and shoe size and you can just swap gear.* Or try taking a lesson, and surprise them with your new found knowledge.

Another reason to admire them 😍
You are already their biggest admirers, but hey, if they are a master at a sport you’ve never even tried (or tried and totally bombed) this is just another reason to gaze at them with admiration!

Just another reason to look at them with heart eyes! | Source: giphy.com
Just another reason to look at them with heart eyes! | Source: giphy.com

Someone always has a free hand
Skiers know the hassle of carrying ski poles and skis. You unclip and are instantly unable to carry anything but gear. With your snowboarding companion, though, they have an extra hand to grab car keys, a wallet, or grab another beer at Alpine and Ales.

, Snow-Crossed Lovers: The Tale of a Snowboarder and a Skier

You both love the mountain – what else matters?
Snowboarder, skier, who cares? You both love the mountain and it is awesome to date a person with the same interests, especially when those interests take you to beautiful places together. And besides, doesn’t Romeo say “But soft, what light on yonder mountain breaks?” If you are looking to share the mountain with a special someone, surprise them with a lift ticket or if you still need a Valentine’s gift, why not spring for a full mountain getaway. Book before Feb. 15, 2019 and you’ll get $100 Resort Credit to treat them to a lesson or maybe a sunset dinner.

romeo and juliet yonder window breaks
Source: weheartit.com

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