Seize the Seven with the Winter Park Resort Ambassadors

Our Winter Park Territory Ambassador program is back for its 3rd year at Winter Park Resort. This year’s crew is pumped to shred- even if their territory isn’t quite open yet!

Each of our Territory Ambassadors represents one of our 7 Territories at Winter Park Resort (plus the Fraser Valley). We want to introduce you to the crew that lets their passion for riding take over their social media accounts for the season so you all can get tips on where to ride, where to find powder stashes, where to score the best noms, etc. Their job for the season is to show off just how great their piece of the mountain is and maybe get you to try a new riding spot, too!

So if you’re a die-hard Mary Jane rider, maybe see what’s cooking in Eagle Wind. If you usually stick to Parsenn Bowl, why not live on the edge and try out the Terrain Park? Our Ambassadors work to show you how each Territory is unique and has its own personality- kinda like your kids  dogs, they are all special and you can’t quite pick a favorite (or if you do, you just don’t tell anyone).

This season, our winter campaign is #SeizetheSeven. We know that riders make the most of their time on the mountain, whether their traveling from the front range, internationally, or just a mile or two down Hwy 40- winter is what gets you going and keeps you coming back. You are ready to Carpe Diem!

For our crew of Ambassadors this year we have skiers and riders who are Seizing the Day, all over the mountain. They are riders who want to kick butt, take names, and love to ride- they are Seizing the Seven! But, don’t let me speak for them- we asked the Ambassadors what Seize the Seven means to them, and here’s what they had to say.


Winter Park Ambassador
Winter Park Ambassador Meaghan O’Hara

I work in the ski industry and live in the mountains because I love this lifestyle. I ski almost every day in the winter and bike almost every day in the summer, my co-workers are a group of like-minded people, who are also friends, and the place I live is made of some of the best nature has to offer. Sometimes I experience moments of “how did I get here?” and have to “stop and smell the evergreens.”  For me, that means taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy what I have – which happens a lot on my ski breaks at work. I love skiing all types of terrain so it’s really cool to be able to have a variety to choose from on any given day. Carve diem!

Cirque Ambassador        Jayson Harris

My grandfather used to always tell me, “if you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up to much space.” Honestly, that didn’t mean much to me as a kid growing up. It was just a saying that I always knew my grandfather would recite. Since living in Colorado this has taken on a whole new meaning. One thing I have realized is that just because we are breathing doesn’t mean we’re alive. For me, to truly live means to take risks, to invest in relationships with people and enjoy the world we have the privilege of living in. I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know that I want to take advantage of today.

Parsenn Bowl Ambassador Colin Trettel

Seize the Seven translates to exploration and adventure in my mind. It means making the most of every single day, run, baking a batch of cookies, whatever it might be. I can remember clearly as a small kiddo having that sense of adventure, always wanting to see what was around the next corner or what it was like to live during different time periods. Curiosity did not kill this cat, in fact, it heightened my need to explore. These days, adventure has taken me across the globe, and across the US more than once, trying to find that ultimate playground. Exploration has gotten me into the man powered uphill craze that can take me to remote places with those fresh powder stashes that stick around weeks after a large storm. I have found a connection to my childhood and that curiosity that sparked my adventurous spirit in the first place, as long as I still have that, I’ll always feel like a kid.

This winter I’m going to take my adventurous spirit and find the ultimate playground within Parsenn Bowl and explore the possibilities within each of the Seven Territories. I encourage everyone to embrace their inner explorer and feel like a kid again.

Eagle Wind Ambassador        RJ Brule

I think Seize the Seven really resonated with me on Opening Day. Strapping into my board was something I had waited for since the last day I rode last season, which seems so long ago! I had my board waxed and waiting since the end of Septemeber, so to say I was ready to seize the moment is an understatement. That’s just how riding is for me, though, it is about the prep work, the early mornings, and cold weather- other people probably think it is nuts, but that’s part of what fuels my desire to get out there. I want to make the most of every day, and every day spent on a mountain is a good day. There’s no place I’d rather be than shreddin’ through the snow, even if I can only get in a few runs before I have to get back to my day job.

Vasquez Ridge Ambassador Carrie Thomas

Something that I really identified with in our new “Seize the Seven” campaign was the concept the life is short and winter is even shorter.  I’ve definitely learned in my life that time is precious and we might not have forever to seize these beautiful moments in the mountains that make up our best memories.  Seizing it means not letting life happen to you, but going out and getting it!  Something that I love about skiing is that it continually presents a challenge—even the best skiers in the world can challenge themselves to attempt at first descent, skin up a little faster, huck a bigger cliff, charge a scarier line.  And that applies down the chain to the beginner skier too. There are so many different ways to experience winter on skis and embrace them all!   Every yard sale blowup that left me so sore I could barely walk the next day was worth every cheer from the lift as I blast through fresh powder below.  There is no better feeling than fresh snow under your feet and your best friends by your side.  Every day on the mountain I am inspired by my hard-charging friends to seize the moment, step it up and be the best skier I can be.

Terrain Park Max Williams

Seize the Seven is about giving everyone an opportunity to ride at their own level. Bumps to groomers, pow to park; there’s a spot for everyone to feel confident and another to get out of their comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what you ride, just that you are making the most of it.



Fraser Valley Ambassador Maria Chavez

To Seize The Seven means to explore the boundaries of the Seven Territories. To ski the runs one normally doesn’t. To find the trails that challenges us in different ways. May they be steep, full of moguls, icier than thought, crowded with people, a run all to myself with fresh fluffy powder. Skiing each territory is special and unique making all Seven just like heaven.



This year our Territory Ambassadors will be taking you on their journeys to Seize the Seven at Winter Park Resort. Don’t let the season pass you by, and let them inspire you to go for it. Push a little harder every day, because life is short, but winter is even shorter.

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