Seize the Seven: Mud Season Edition

Skiing and snowboarding are so close you can taste them— or at least you can smell the snow in the air and a little bit of funk coming from the unwashed gear you packed away at the end of last season. To you, Impatient Snow Chaser, the influx of unnecessary pumpkin flavoring, the trees’ balding worse than your Uncle Earl, and early morning frost prickling your nose hairs are all signs that point to one thing: Winter is coming, cue the Game of Thrones memes. If your winter radar is extra sensitive or that paper chain countdown is just too long, don’t fret! Here are some things you can do while stuck in this unforgiving autumn limbo.

Gear Roll Call

Dig into your storage closet or reach under your bed and get that gear out. You’ll be stoked to see that gorgeous top coat of your board and equally traumatized by its desperate need of wax.  Or maybe you’ll realize that one piece of gear you’ve been running into the ground really does need replacing. Note to self: You cannot keep skiing with gloves that your fingers pop out of! Either way, preseason pump starts with a gear check in. Get started by trying out some of your own tune work, or come see us and give your ride some lovin’!

Netflix and Thrill

Even though your mountain is naked, or only has a small blanket of snow, you can still take on the craziest lines vicariously through riding stars. Check out what films are premiering near you this off-season, or dig out your old classics. We all know you have that VHS of Out Cold tempting you to move to a mountain town. Now you’ll just need to find something to play it on…


Money can’t buy you happiness

—but it can buy you a season pass, and they are almost the same thing. If you haven’t bought a pass yet, the time is now! Reward yourself with an amazing winter on a mountain playground. Struggle-busing to find the right pass for you? We will make it easier than stealing your little sibling’s leftover Halloween candy. Find out which one is right for you HERE

Endurance Training

Can you start in the morning, and go all day with just a few breaks? You can’t build up a tolerance (I mean endurance) unless you start practicing now.  This season you need to be on your game for whatever you are training for so when you hit the slopes you can go from tailgate to after party— and get in all the riding you can, of course! Train to get your best season, on and off the slopes.

Plans for Opening Day

We know you’ll be here for opening, but what makes your trip up here unique? Do you start it by eating the first of many Burskitos? ( /bər skē dō/ Noun 1. The stash of burritos you make prior to ski season  and store in your freezer for early morning breakfast joy and body fuel to get you ready for a great mountain day.) Are you  tailgating in C Lot? Start planning and make this Opening Day rival the rest of your holidays this winter.


Work on your mountain man/gal look

Toss out that razor because winter is coming, and you have to work on that mountain hair! Nothing makes you fit in in a mountain town like a grizzly beard, not to mention it will keep that baby face hiding underneath, warm and snug on powder days. This tip isn’t just for the fellas! It’s No Shave November, so ladies can join in too and embrace their mountain look. Hot! We know.

Hope for Powder

Cross your fingers and toes, pray to Ullr, go to bed with your pants insideout and backward and do any other wacky superstitions for it to snow! Seriously people, we need all the will power we can get to bring the fluffy white stuff! What’s your powder superstition?



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