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7 Reasons Spring Break in the Mountains Crushes SB at the Beach

Whenever you hear the term “spring break,” chances are your mind drifts off to the picture-perfect beach setting. While sitting on a beach with a drink in your hand sounds tempting, we think we can change your mindset from “sand” to “snow.”

1. Precipitation Is Your Friend
You can’t control the weather, and rain on the beach is a pretty big bummer. Wind whips sand in your face, the surf gets rough, and all around there is no sun to soak up.

But a chance of precipitation in the mountains is a little slice of heaven.

Seriously, snow on the mountain ANY time of year is magical! And if it isn’t dumping, who can hate on bluebird skies? Either way, its a win-win.


2. Fewer Tan Lines to Cover Up

Spending time on the beach leads to tan lines right before summer is in full swing, so you’ll have those random skin streaks without summer time outdoor activities to even them out. If you spend time on the mountain, you’ll only have to worry about evening out your goggle tan.  (Which, let’s be honest, gives you bragging rights.)


3. No Need to Fret About Swimsuit Season

Okay, so maybe your “Get in Shape” New Year’s Resolution took a three-month hiatus —no worries. Spring Break in the mountains means you can wear a puffy jacket and snow pants, which make everyone’s butt look big. The beach is just a recipe for lounging with skin exposed, sucking down sugary drinks that although look beautiful with the assortment of fruits and umbrellas floating on top of them, do nothing for your physique. And, I know what you’re thinking, I’ll just be drinking those at the mountain, too. BUT, you’re at elevation, so you only have to drink half of what you would at sea level. Just kidding, our real logic is you’ll be drinking them after a day of working out! Kick back and enjoy some refreshing beverages and live music at Sunspot, which sits at the top of a mountain with the most gorgeous après views you’ve ever seen, after a hard day of skiing.

4. No Sand
Because sand gets EVERYWHERE. Is there anything worse than eating lunch after a beach day and just getting a little disgusting crunch between your teeth? Face shots in powder or even a good snowball fight just result in extra hydration.


5. The Mountain Is for Everyone
Yes Spring Break is synonymous with college-aged shenanigans, but spending Spring Break in the mountains is for all ages.

You don’t have to party, or even ski hard to be deserving of some R&R. If you book a room with us at Zephyr Mountain Lodge, you can spend the afternoon soaking away in the hot tub. And if that’s not enough to relax those muscles, book a spa day. Follow that with some brews and cocktails for the perfect relaxing night.

After your relaxing day, you’ll be itching for adventure. Visit the Adventure Concierge and book a guide to head out on a snowshoeing tour. Or have our guides show you around the mountain. Whatever you choose to do, our guides can give you a fun, family-friendly mountain experience fit for all ages and skill levels.

After an adventurous day spent in the mountains, or a day filled with non-stop skiing, you deserve a beer! Stop for a beer mid-run with Alpine and Ales, or end your day with some live music at the base of the Jane!

If you’re bringing the whole family along, we’ve got activities to keep everyone happy. Sign the kids up for lesson so you can have some free time to explore Winter Park’s famous Seven Territories. Or, sign the kiddos up for Kid’s Night Out!

No matter what day of the week you visit Winter Park, there’s something fun going on. Check out our springtime family events to plan the an action-packed spring break!

6. You’ll Have Warm Weather 24/7 Soon Enough

It won’t be long before you’re running your A/C and praying for a cool breeze, so why rush to heat things up?

Enjoy the cool mountain air before there’s nothing but inescapable summer heat!


7. There’s More Than Just Skiing/Snowboarding 

Skiing and snowboarding are only part of the fun of Spring Break at Winter Park Resort.  Hit the Coca-Cola Tubing Hill and then get a flight of hot chocolate! Rent some snowshoes and enjoy the Jim Creek Trail or any of the other miles of trails around the Winter Park Area. And check out our Mountaintop Music Series every weekend at Sunspot!

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